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The Entire GOP Could Get Cantor’d

Among the 3,672 reasons you’ve read and heard for David Brat’s victory over Eric Cantor, here’s one you haven’t seen. This explanation doesn’t have anything to do with Cantor palling around with lobbyists, or with Laura Ingraham’s one-liners. It’s about ideology, and it’s pretty straightforward:

Self-identified conservatives in 2014 are really conservative, and they increasingly think that Republicans in Congress—Republicans in Congress, mind you—are a bunch of namby-pambies.

ou want numbers? I got numbers. Last month, centrist Democratic group Third Way, released a study called “The State of the Center.” The report is not just another poll. It’s a really comprehensive and unique piece of work that yields more illuminating results than any poll. It has many elements, but here’s the part of interest to us. The group asked 1,500 Americans to identify themselves on an ideological scale of 1 to 9, 1 being the most liberal and 9 being the most conservative. Then these respondents were asked where they would place Democrats in Congress, Republicans in Congress, Barack Obama, and their ideal president. The answers are fascinating and jaw-dropping in that way that these kinds of findings about conservatives are, alas, no longer jaw-dropping.


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The entire political spectrum is a deliberate con game

The True Political Spectrum:

Total Government <-----> No Government (pure anarchy)

A true scale is composed of opposites.

This is the true scale - because All forms of government can be represented somewhere on this scale.

The center of this scale is a Limited Constitutional Republic.

On the other hand - the current false spectrum:

Total Left Govt (Communism) <---> Total Right Govt (Fascism)

... is *not* a true scale - because the two forms of govt on the extreme ends are essentially the *same* form of government.

Any differences between Communism and Fascism are a matter of semantics. Hence the reason why they are commonly confused.

This is how the modern "intellectuals" (lol, I know ..) justify a Regulatory Democracy as being the 'reasonable center' of all political forms.

This is how they have eliminated the one form of government that puts everyone equal under the Law and has the potential to allow the individual the maximum amount of freedom possible in a peaceful, orderly society: a true Limited Constitutional Republic.

The world population has been conned believing in and measuring all political activity on a 'scale' that - for all intents and purposes - is a circle.

(idea is from Nelson Hultberg "The Golden Mean" http://bit.ly/1omFzfw )

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As government corruption gets more obvious

We will see larger shifts from the neo cons to more tea party candidates. I see this as a problem considering much of the Tea Party has been co-opted. I fear this will give the establishment the opportunity to put more Ted Cruz types to the front, that is to say strong against government entitlement programs but sympathetic to Israel and the military industrial complex. I believe Ron Paul touched on the subject when he held his speech near the Republican convention in 2012. He said he believed the age of socialism was coming to an end but to be on the lookout for fascism. the establishment has no intention of slowing their agenda down, whether it be blackmail or buyouts they will find a way to push themselves forward.

Where on...

...their 1 to 9 scale would a libertarian fall? These one-dimensional left-right spectrums are so ... one-dimensional. :)

Not sure on their scale

But on Von's (true political spectrum) I should think it would be Libertarians 7, Minarchists 8, Anarchists 9.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

See my post above


The GOP Has Self Destructed,,,Because,

70 to 80% of Americans are sick and tired of War, and yet the GOP blindly follows people like John McCain who try their best to promote never ending wars all over the world.

America is bankrupt how can anyone in their right mind continue to beat the war drums?????



after the socialized medicine program has just started to reveal what a disaster it is, the GOP leadership said it would not work to repeal it. So, if someone hates Obamacare, or Common Core, or the tax system, who is he going to vote for?

It is very good to put the skeer into the politicians. That is how Prohibition got passed. Politicians want nothing so dearly as to keep their cushy positions at the public trough. It is like what happened to the Democrats after they passed the "assault weapons ban." They have been reluctant, with one or two exceptions, to return to pushing to that issue.

Politicians are greedy cowards; Take one out of office and the rest look for shelter.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

The spin is in full effect. From the article:

"Up to Brat, the tea partiers lost five or six in a row. Now, they’ve won just one, and every Republican on Capitol Hill is so terrified that they won’t deviate an inch from the tea-party agenda."

The (usurped) Tea Party had absolutely nothing to do with this victory. Not one dime did any of those groups give to Brat. After he won, these usurpers jumped up and claimed responsibility for his victory as their own victory.

I do hope "every Republican on Capitol Hill" is reading this and is terrified to know WE know the faux tea party agenda is business as usual. Wise up or watch out!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

If we stop donating to them,

If we stop donating to them, the entire party would go bankrupt!

Southern Agrarian

Not so much a donation

but as Mencken said, it is an auction on future stolen property.
The individual can stop contributing, but the cronies looking for contracts will continue because it is an investment.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

They're already morally bankrupt

So, no help there. ;)