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U.S. food makers sue to stop Vermont's GMO labeling law

(Reuters) - Several industry groups representing U.S. food makers on Thursday asked a federal judge in Vermont to block that state's new law that will require labels on food products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The legal challenge was widely expected and Vermont created a "food fight fund" in anticipation of the move because it was the first state to pass a GMO labeling law that did not require other states to go first.

The fight over GMOs in the United States comes as more than 60 countries around the globe already require labeling of genetically engineered foods. GMOs have fallen out of favor with many U.S. consumers but products made with them are still abundant in the aisles of most U.S. supermarkets.


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Here's how it might go

If any food were to be tested and found it was of GMO origin a law suite would be forthcoming. Probably most processed foods contain GMOs now. The very secret so called Free Trade talks with Europe is apposed by Europeans because they know what would happen if the US exported products to Europe. It would be GMO city.

Where does the Federal judge get jurisdiction on this matter?

Is this another one falling under the "everything clause" scam?

What's a food maker?

I guess that's not a farmer. It used to be Mom, that was the food maker. She worked with the farmer.