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Comedian from South Africa on the USA, very funny!

Hilarious perspective of South African comedian on America! The whole thing is funny.... But if you want to get straight to the good stuff... He starts delving into our foreign policy, and airport security.... Around 4:37 mark! Worth a couple of minutes of your time for a good laugh!


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If this is Trevor Noah

I just recently found him and he's now one of my favorites.. if it's not Trevor Noah... I'll tell you in a few minutes..

ey yo! ey yo! dis you? dis you! YEAH I think it is~





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Thanks for sharing... Sadly

Thanks for sharing... Sadly it's all too true.

Napkins or Servettes?


It can't be...can it?

good stuff...

Thanks for the post. I laughed all the way through.

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Oh yeah... that's funny!

Oh yeah... that's funny!

Beware the cult of "government"...

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The last joke is his best and most telling. It's about credit.

He gets "it."

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funny and sad.....

funny and sad.....

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I thought so too...

I thought so too...

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