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Operating Systems

At birth a living being is given an operating system.

The biological operating system at birth is then given information for use during the life of the living being.

If the life is programed with false information then the living being may then operate according to a false version of the naturally born operating system.


Natural born operating system:

1. Golden Rule Based thoughts and actions

Natural born operating system falsified:

2. Blind Obedience to Falsehood (without question) based thoughts and actions

Take a group of people naturally assembling in groups anywhere on the planet and find how those people interact during their lives as living beings and the accurate accounts of how those people exist during their lives can help other people realize how people naturally assemble into groups.

Some people have done such studies.





The alternatives to natural operating systems can include any number of competitive alternatives that are themselves accurately comparable to the natural born operating system.

1. Golden Rule (Natural Born Operating System)

2. Productive Political Economy in response to economic scarcity

3. Destructive Political Economy (Obey falsehood without question or "crime")

4. Productive Political Economy in response to Destructive Political Economy

The reason why I write this Topic here and now has to do with a few things happening right now in my own life.

I am learning every day. I read many words each day; and some of the most valuable words I read each day arrive to me, "at my door" so to speak, from this generous Forum where people generously offer their thoughts that drive their actions (writing and publishing those thoughts are actions), and here are examples:


If someone tries to take my liberty, one of us is going to die. It's that simple.


Perhaps there are already a few "outsider" artists who are making remarkable progress in these pursuits. They are likely to be working in obscurity since few of us think to look towards the arts for this kind of data.


First off I will assume english is not your first language.

The natural born operating system (or conscience, or soul, or intuition, or "instinct") is the operator who uses the operating system at birth.

The additional operating systems added after birth can include the languages that drive the operator, containing the operator, and overpowering the natural born operator; in essence replacing the natural born conscience, ego, soul, consciousness, intuition, or "instinct."

Where people would naturally manage to live and let live naturally in nature there are additional powers fed into the natural born operating systems that are then overpowering the natural thoughts and actions of the individual human beings.


1. Natural (Golden Rule, live and let live, Liberty, rule of law, cooperation, and NAP)

2. Man Made Replacement or Accentuating Operating Systems:

2a. For people, by people, of people as a whole, or man made operating systems inspired by Nature to help people with Nature

2b. For criminals, by criminals, of criminals as criminals consume people for their own individual desires, at the expense of other people, employing false operating systems to take control of people.

2c. For innocent victims, as defensive reactions by people in reaction to criminals working within their criminal operating systems, as a defensive operating system used by defenders of innocent victims against the criminals.

The reasons for my offering this Topic includes the reasoning behind failures to communicate simple observations of accurately measurable facts.

If someone is absent in their daily thoughts and actions, then someone may be just a passenger in life, one of those people whose soul is captured, or their natural born operating system is stolen, or their self-conscious conscience is overpowered by a man made operating system designed for that purpose.

Someone may wake up and begin thinking and acting according to their innate, self-preservation, instinctual, intuitive, operating system, in reaction to the man made operating system designed for the purpose of taking over natural thoughts and actions, and replacing natural thoughts and actions with unnatural (man made) thoughts and actions of a different sort. That wake-up may happen as the false operating system begins to work overtly at destroying the "host."

Where someone may have once commanded language someone may then be commanded by language as the natural operating system that once drove thoughts and actions is taken over by the false thought process which then drives destructive actions, and then, as destruction piles upon destruction, overtly, in full view, the operator operated by the false system may incrementally become aware of the Trojan Horse that has taken over their natural operating system: waking up the natural human conscience. Then, with the power of thought and action clearly in view, the operator can choose to go along for the ride, or take command.

1. In power, in control, as an operator of language, of thought, and of action, naturally, as a part of the natural operating system born into people.

2. No longer in power, no longer in control, no longer the operator of language, of thought, and of action, now the system is operated externally by the people who took over, the people running the show operate the internal power of control, because the new operating system has been put in place and it is working as it is designed to work, to overpower natural human conscience.

Someone watching the MATRIX movie, for a test, might be someone failing to recognize the message offered in the movie.

Someone who has worked every day for over 2 decades at learning more about the current condition of human kind, reading such works as those books linked above, may "get it" when a movie like the MATRIX is offered.

It may take some doing for one to convey an accurate message to another one in time and place when so much of our common language is intentionally falsified; whereby one word may mean two contradictory meanings at once.

If one is in command of their thoughts and actions to a degree in which obedience to falsehood is at least questioned once in awhile, then there is a measure of hope?

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Thanks, Josf

This topic inspires me. Colleagues and I have been actively exploring these ideas over the last three decades.

I am pleased that some of my words provided inspiration for you.

I will make an effort to do all that I am able to keep this thread alive. It leads to the next greatest discovery of our human history.

A few days ago Bill asked the leading question, "What is the good." I will re-post my reply here. I hope it helps drive and deepen your dialogue.

Nature's survival strategy is to create conditions conducive to life.

Creating conditions conducive to life is good.

How we (humanity) rejoin this process and what will be our new roles in the survival strategy for life on Earth are the next big questions, in my view.

Political Economy in one sentence?

"Creating conditions conducive to life is good."



Thank you, Joe...but, where's Bill?

I appreciate your positive feedback.

At the same time, I hope to hear from Bill. He has become an excellent marksman for shooting holes in other's logical presumptions.

So far, I will interpret his silence regarding this simple syllogism as tacit approval.

Bill is aiming elsewhere?

I see no point in shooting holes, but your political economy in one sentence is competitive.

Can I offer a one word competitive offer reaching the same goal as your competitive sentence?


Is Josf the next stage of human evolution?



Yes, he is and we are, too.

I understand your point but I

I understand your point but I haven't read either of those books yet. Downloaded for later perusal. I think/hope we are really seeing a shift towards more awareness of the true nature of this supplanted operating system. Might just be wishful thinking, though.


It may be asking a lot of anyone to read the books that may help in accurately measuring the true nature of the false (self-destructive) operating system.

It is very encouraging, hopeful, to hear someone express interest in the subject matter; since that interest is in direct opposition to the supplanted operating systems dictates.

One other book that is certainly on the same list as the other two is not downloadable and I stumbled upon this book in an antique shop.

That title and author is:
Prescription for Rebellion by Robert Linder

People are also taking a very hard look at a lot of history and finding our current situation much similar to past events that appear to be cyclic in nature; while the nature of deception continues to be generally unaccounted for (to any degree of accuracy)as demonstrable (destructive) fact.

It would not be something good if for any reason you, or anyone, was discouraged from knowing and then spreading the knowledge you acquire concerning this phenomenon that can be illustrated as a Trojan Horse type virus that takes over an individual mind.


P.S. The false front (false operating system) may be more accurately described in the Erich Fromm book titled:
That Anatomy of Human Destructiveness


The Sane Society is the book offering the antidote, and so is Equitable Commerce.

On that line of thinking the work by Josiah Warren that is more in line with describing the problem is this:

The time period is on the verge of the so called Civil War, and the act of speaking out against the so called government was revolutionary and risky.


What is the evidence of the this natural born operating system?

Seriously interested. Open mind. Hit me.


Will it be useful to quote from the books linked?


I don't know


Example 1:

Randomness is involved in choosing which book and which phrase to a point, and then flipping pages I see:

"Since we appear determined to "do something" to contain and inhibit the natural expression of the instinct - especially when we believe it to be running rampant in certain instances - what remains? Of course, there is always punishment."

Prescription for Rebellion by Robert Linder
Book I
Chapter 3
The Eleventh Commandment
Page 89

That quote may work to help someone know better. I read it, in context, and to me my life is so much better for having read the words, in context, because I see better, I see more clearly, how, for example, that punishment is a false solution to a false problem in so many cases, so many cases, so many cases, that it is probably a good idea to look closer at the alleged problem AND the alleged solution when the alleged solution is so often that same punishment routine.

Mileage may vary?


30 million other species

All of the other 30 million or so species with which we share this biosphere have such a complete, working, sustainable operating system.

Why not us?

And isn't that what makes us different?

Last question first... "Yes, but not in a 'good' way."

A short answer to your first question ("Why not us?"), Bill, in my view, is that some millenniums ago humans chose to leave the "plantation" of Nature-at-large and forge a new "human nature" of our own.

That, of course makes us much different than our other fellow species.

We are different in many other ways, too. Obviously all species are also different from all the others. In other words, we are one of about 30,000,000 different species.

But in this epoch, we are extraordinarily different.

Nature's survival plan allows for a species to fail. Natural history, for hundreds of millions of years, is littered with the fossils of extinct species.

But, it seems that never before has the failing of one species threatened to trigger a mass extinction event.