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Video: Paraplegic Man In Robotic Exoskeleton Kicks Off World Cup 2014

More on project Walk Again (audio in Spanish, pictures in English):

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Makes me excited to see what technology will bring us next.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Free Market Innovation - Rules the Day

and always will!

Great use of technology.

This is not free market

Most of this technology is a result of past government funded research.

DARPA?. if this robot / exo suite is from

Japan, then it most likely doesn't have anything to do darpa or did it have its foundation in military applications. Japanese have strict ethics and morals against using their robot tech for military applications. Most govs want robots for warring and control which is what they are against.

But that being said, it's possible the company making this EXO suit still gets government funds and or grants outside of military budgets.

That's freakin awesome

Anyone else think of the exoskeleton from Alien ?