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Conservatives Get Over Gay Issues


Much like the senators who talk about "legitimate rape" and other such nonsense, conservative politicians need to realize that folks under 35 generally don't care about gay folks. Homosexuality has been removed from the DSM and is now considered by the psychologists and the broader medical community to be innate. For politicians who always bemoan the federal government and preach about individual liberty they seem awfully concerned with what other people are up to.

I'm glad David Brat won because illegal immigration has hurt my business significantly, but I also don't think Brat should be barr me from passing property on to my partner tax free like every hetereosexual couple. Worry about your own family and how you treat your child and spouse. I'll take care of mine as i see fit and pray to whom I choose. None of that should be the government's business. I dated multiple girls and everything about it felt wrong. Now that I have a great boyfriend everything is great and comfortable. You don't have to accept it or approve of my life, but if you proclaim to want a representative republic then you shouldn't be going to the ballot box to pass laws pertaining to a certain minority.

You can win elections talking about illegal immigration and economic issues. You won't win in the long run maligning a minority group.
Famous Gay Men Maybe You've heard of:
Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci,

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Freedom to

Freedom to contract...
Government out of marriage...
"When you protect the individual, you protect all groups."
End of story.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

So now every 'famous' dead person of yore is gay?

I guess just about all the Spartans and Greeks were gay, too?
Just because 'psychologists' took something off its 'list' doesn't change anything. A moral people don't give a damn what psychos think. The DSM also changed pedaphilia to a sexual orientation, so I guess we'll start seeing the abbreviation as LGTB&P? So pathetic they need that kind of affirmation to justify their perversion.

I am so tired of a certain extremely minor group flaunting their sexual behavior in my face. It's one of the most purile assaults on humankind imaginable. I am really beginning to pity that minority because for them sex is the only thing that's important or noteworthy in their life. Reducing a human being to a sexual act is perverse. This entire new philosophy, or whatever it is, that is trying to proclaim that the greatest aspect of mankind is its sexuality is obscene. We are creative, intelligent, curious and compassionate creatures and although it is severely dismissed in our current society, we do have a conscience. We know the difference between right and wrong but too often we dismiss that acknowledgement within ourselves in favor of the fleeting pleasure the wrongdoing offers. The majority in that minority group can't even sustain a relationship for long so what's so great about that so-called life-style? Monogomy is also nearly non-existant (nothing is absolute), so how can anyone see their taking marriage vows as anything other than a complete sham?

It's really gays who need to get over themselves. Now down vote the heck out of me for knowing man's greatest achievement isn't his 14 second 'o'.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Wait you're only with your

Wait you're only with your wife because of the sex? I date guys because I enjoy spending time with them, cooking dinner, watching movies etc.. I'm not with a woman because the sex was the only issue. I find spending time with woman (outside of purely friendship) uncomfortable. You seem to be confusing sex with relationships. If are you married and do you spend the entirety of your existence making love, because if you not than you understand that many other factors play a large role in companionship. Few people want to go through life without a partner or companion. IF you are for small government these people should have a right to exist without swaths of folks going to the ballot box to concern themselves with what others are up to. I love this country because I was of the belief that you can be an atheist, bhudist, Hindu, Jewish, white, black,asian, hispanic, or live out your life as you see fit without the majority passing laws against you. Why are folks so hung up on people living out their lives as they see fit?
I disagree strongly with the overall muslim faith but I would never be in favor of passing a law against them or atheists. Of all the horrible things that go on in the world and dysfunctional single mother households that exist, why are lesbian women and gay men your hot button issue?
The conservative movement has found a minority population to malign that everyone agrees on to beat the bible at. I am disturbed when I see a single mother spanking her kid in a wal mart and shouting at them, but in this country they have a right to exist. Where is the conservative movement when it comes to single mothers? If you want to concern yourself with folks that are harming the country it's the people procreating that can't afford their kids.

Gay people aren't going to tear this country apart, open borders, endless wars, fiat currency are.
This is my point, no one is forcing you to be gay but you might lose your job due to our open borders, endless wars, and fiat currency. The longer you let politicians trick you into creating an enemy that poses no real threat the sooner you will realize that the real threat is the political class. George Bush was a war mongering socialist with "family values." It's fascinating to me to see the outrage directed towards gay people when the people of the united states should really be upset about the 2 trillion dollars that was spent to kill 5,000 of our own and hundreds of thousands of iraqis.

Isn't that where the outrage should be directed? Shouldn't we all stop and ask our elected officials what their views on silly wars, nsa spying, and the border are? I will never have an impact on your life. We will never meet and I don't care if you accept me or not. But your tax dollars certainly paid for people to be killed for nothing. While you were ranting about gay people the ottoman empire has been reforming over the dirt that our soldiers spilled their blood and bodies on. All I'm saying is who cares whether a politician is for gay marriage or not. Shouldn't the issue be what his views on economics and war are?
The issue I run into is in Alabama all the political ads mention gay marriage and "traditional values," but none of the candidates in my CONGRESSIONAL district discuss the wars or border. Because as we all know that would be too risky, but it's easy to talk about marriage, meanwhile we're sending this guy to congress when we should be more concerned with whether he is in favor of sending guys to die in some sandbox for a bunch of crazies.


You ask:
"...why are lesbian women and gay men your hot button issue?"

Are you for real? The hubris! You are the one who wrote that post and included a link to CNN of all places and accuse me of 'it' being my hot button issue? Wake up, your the one who posted so it's your issue, not mine.

The only people I know who feel the need to declare their sexual preference are gays, and that leaves one with a very definite image. An unwelcomed image. But you are apparently so self-centered that you cannot understand why that would bother anybody. As far as you're concerned, everyone should be able to envision you in an intimate pose and be totally comfortable with it. Sorry to disillusion you, but most people do not think of gays sitting around watching movies, though of course they do.

You also seem to be under the illusion that your lifestyle is innocuous and yet it is in my face constantly as there isn't a program on TV that doesn't include homosexuals and school children are being indoctrinated to accept your perversion. The following was just posted a few days ago:

I am a parent in Oakland, California and I have a kindergartner in public school. My child came home [Thursday] and told me about the MANDATORY assembly for gay “pride” month. Parents had NO idea this was going to happen and I’m totally blindsided by it.

There is a video on the school’s website showing the assembly… It was nothing more than homosexual indoctrination about the meaning of the rainbow flag and “queer” history. On stage was the rainbow flag but NO American flag. And then a “gay men’s chorus” sang songs about homosexual “freedom.”

This is an elementary school and children as young as 5 were present. Like I said, parents were NOT informed in advance. My child brought home a bookmark with the rainbow flag on it and a quote from radical lesbian poet activist, Audre Lorde, whose work includes a book called This is for Elementary School!

Audre Lorde writes a lot of crap.

You have the audacity to tell me you are harmless? Your 'group' fills children's heads with things they shouldn't be exposed to at so tender an age and yet you feel vindicated? Children are not your playthings to sexualize. Children aren't even allowed to bring their Bibles into school, but they can be assigned tripe from Lorde?

You read the following and tell me homosexuals aren't intruding upon everyone. Granted, this is apparently a Christian site and for me that's a separate issue as it has nothing to do with what is going on in public schools as Christian teachings are banned from public schools, the homosexual agenda, though, is not.


And please don't accuse me again of it being 'my' issue'. If you don't want to read comments like mine, don't write posts like yours.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

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Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.