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"War & Peace" "Light & Darkness" "Hate & Love"

It's started by governments, not the people.
Yet, it's ended by the people and not their governments!
It's profits go to the perpetrators who orchestrated the crisis.
Yet, it's profits can't save your soul!
It's, pushed with fear and propaganda.
Yet, it's overcome with love and truth!

It shines from out of the sky and disarms darkness!
Yet darkness lurks in the shadows and creeps from the cracks.
It is reflected and spreads when it meets a rainbow of colors!
Yet it is absorbed and dimmed when met with black.
It wins every battle when confronted face to face!
Yet it must choose its battles for their is much to fight.

It breeds anger and confusion.
Yet love will bring us joy and happiness!
It comes from misunderstanding and ignorance.
Yet love will bring us knowledge and wisdom!
It is in us all.
Yet love is too!

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