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Should America Invade?

Mexico and central America to destroy the gangs and cartels?

I don't mean literally should the present day US government, with its crazy drug laws, invade and destroy the cartels. They probably do their banking through top shadow banks and CIA connected intermediaries.

I mean more generally. Consider the following scenario:

If we had a good minarchist government, and heroin was illegal in most small towns and polities, and heroin cartels were empowered in Mexico and central America, causing a refugee flow to America and making the political and economic situation in Mexico untenable, would it be a justified to support attacking the cartels that kidnap Americans and terrorize Mexicans?

Mexico is basically our backyard. Is it reasonable that we put up with this kind of stuff?

I consider the present US govt is a joke, so I don't support anything it does, or any military action except if we were genuinely under threat.

But on a hypothetical minarchist constitutional state, I think a case could be made for public provision of aid to those units and regiments willing to voluntary go and clean up this cesspool.

I know that the cartels are empowered by marijuana laws, so its a very academic question. Suppose they were empowered by heroin instead. Would it be better to address the heroin use domestically, and stop the demand? Or would it be justified also to destroy the gangs?

I am not taking a side, just wondering your thoughts.

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You want to take the power

You want to take the power away from the cartels then make whatever they're dealing legal here in the US.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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YES !!!! uh, who are we

YES !!!! uh, who are we invading again???

Beware the cult of "government"...

: D


"Mexico is basically our backyard."

NAFTA drove thousands of law abiding Mexicans into the drug trade. Tear up this destructive "trade deal" and the power of the cartels will be greatly diminished. What makes you think that this would be any more successful than any of our other recent interventions?

It could be different

because a average Mexicans probably (I don't know, do they?) hate the cartels, who are just gangsters and predators. Who knows. I'm curious what people think. I'm not saying it would be good idea, just wondering.