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I agree.


egapele's picture


Thank you.

Cuts to the chase!

I can feel it.

Feels good!

Much light, well done with a solid wrap-up that really drives it/us home!

Here's a little Lou Reed from my basement. It was pretty much trashbin drivel until a buddy walked in and grabbed his drumsticks. It picked up a little from there. It wasn't just his drumming specifically that turned things up, it was more his presence, his place, our place...


That's very good, I knew the song right away. Very good.

It does feel good.

It's easy to treat the person as the argument and nothing more, when engaged. That's fine for debate purposes, where the ideas are just fighting proxy war with the people.

Sometimes its to hell with the argument, they are a person. Even if they were all wrong, even deliberately wrong, they're still a whole person, with the 1% that's composed of ideas being... 1% and nothing more.