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When my daughter turns 16

First, she will be getting a great used car that is very safe. My daughter ranks at the top of her class, not because I hound her mind you, but because her father instilled curiousity and principles into her.

The greatest wont be giving her the keys to her car, it will giving her my password to the DailyPaul.

I want her to know my positions. I do not force my child into anything other than living by certain principles. Im honest with her about everything pertaining to life. (Who I may be seeing is a different story, no worries tho, only one woman has met her.)

The greatest gift I hope she grasps is the philosophy of Liberty. I want her to know that she is an American and America led the entire world on human rights. That the govt didn't do it... but the people did with the help of the Bill of Rights.

I want her to read my rambling posts at 3am with entirely to much whiskey in me. I also want her to read my posts rallying, uniting or defending the gay, black... or any individual. Defending every individual from the mob and state mentality.

I am a very lucky Daddy. She is so advanced that it scares the chit outta me. She is polite, humble, sweet, sincere and very smart. Funny too. I have done my very best to instill that peace is always preferable to war. That peace unites people. Peace provides for rights and prosperity. Peace is the greatest humanitarian aid we could give anybody.

America has been at war since before she was born. She is acing algebra... What would you do if you were a father?

If the only things I can leave her are remnants of my childhood and a philosophy of my adulthood.. and created a great human being in the process....

then my job is done.

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One more thing....

"My daughter ranks at the top of her class, not because I hound her mind you, but because her father instilled curiousity and principles into her."

Don't forget the role of genetics. You can't make a race horse out of a mule.

We once watched some kids for a summer, the same age as ours. Quickly realized the gears in their minds turned quite slowly, and would always have limitations, which is fine, since we need all types.

If our kids' outcomes result only from our parents' teachings, you have to wonder what happened to my siblings. I am the only one of seven that ended up here. Mainly because my mind has always worked differently - I love to learn and read and get the big picture, while they remain dependent on group-think. Basically war-loving neocons. They ask me some questions, but have difficulty comprehending my answers, and don't have enough interest to study more.

There are many traits floating around in the genepool, and kids in the same family can end up quite different from birth. Different personalities and interests.

Studies on identical twins separated at birth and adopted out - many sets of twins ended up in the same occupation, despite never knowing each other.

And on and on. Not very romantic talking genetics, but guess I took too many courses in it, and spend too much time thinking about breeding my cows.

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All this time I thought you were a girl!! Wow!


I published a magazine very briefly and my picture was the photo of the first cover shot.

I get that a lot. Maybe time to change my profile pic. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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If she follows

your example,you have done a great service,not just to you and yours but to everyone yet to come.
If she excels past from where you taught her,and past the point from where you are at,you have done the best the world can hope for,and it should be grateful.And so should you
But i want (not need) to ask,do you want her reading your alex rant? That one still gets me...I loved it :)
you describe her as I would my own,she is more than me,And you have done me a great service
Thank you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I am a simple libertarian..

I demanded principles from her at a young age and got lucky enough to have a very principled mama.

I want her to read that rant because it means a lot to me. Alex went off the deep end and divided the DP. Way to far to include me sticking up for his craziness for the millionth time. I love this house. We have some of the best and brightest... it was a breaking point to me because it was to far for a moderate like me.

Extremism is a luxurious weakness that can effect us all.

Hence the reason at 16 she will get the password. She will be mature enough to handle it. I suspect she will be already going to college, if I have anything to do with it. ;)

Im not claiming to be perfect. Im not at all. I drink, I cuss, I smoke weed and above all else I love my child. Being straightforward and honest with her shall reflect the principles that matter most to me. Even when she rebels.. if she does.

We may not have won a national election.. but we sure as hell have been good parents. Raising our children to understand their rights will produce the best elements of humanity.

And the best leaders of tomorrow... (chime in Rand Paul...)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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you put to print could describe myself.
Show your loved ones by example,and they shall follow your lead,maybe not today,but tomorrow.Be honest in all endeavors,and leave a good memory.
Our daughter has an account here,went head to head with an over indulgent GJ supporter (in my eyes fared rather well)
You could ask to get her own account here,then she could read everyones preconceived notions and the progression from there. I will gladly help.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

'Be honest in all endeavors,and leave a good memory.'


Today she and her mother are volunteering at a soup kitchen.

What a lucky man I am.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul