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Food Stamp accepted, how nice of Rockstar to print up store labels to notify their customers they can buy their product with

food stamps, oh and Monster energy drinks too. Glad to see the food stamp program will have no problem with a 5 year old kid pumping his heart up with a can full of steroids that his or her body can't handle. Saw it with my own eyes tonight and questioned the clerk and asked him if he was presented with these store stickers or if he made them himself, he said they were given to him, he's trash for putting them on the window in my opinion but nonetheless if any of you liberty warriors are currently in use of government assistance please watch what your kids buy, but on top of that how the hell are these drinks considered nutrition? Here is one article I found on this. I want to know who got paid off for this one, that will be the real telling story. http://www.katu.com/younews/117561618.html

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Welfare purchases are tracked

and the poor 5 year old kid will have to pay extra premiums for Obamacare when he gets older.

Energy Drinks

Just have sugar, caffeine, vitamins and amino acids. There's no steroids, no speed. Most are weaker than coffee. IME most people who regularly drink coffee don't even notice any effects from energy drinks. And they're certainly healthier than many low-budget food options, like, say, Top Ramen.

Is it okay to buy coffee or tea with food stamps? I would say so, and I've chosen both over food on more than one occasion. Coffee makes you feel less hungry. And anyway they'll pay the price later when they have no food to eat at the end of the week/month/whenever you get food stamp refills because they blew it all on over-hyped and over-priced energy drinks.

5 year old kids drinking energy drinks (or coffee) is a parenting issue, not a food stamp issue.

I'm Crushed

You dissed the Ramen, source of nourishment and all things good. ;-)


when the cats are away the mice will play. The fact that these kids have access to these drinks with food stamps is appalling, and in fact grown adults have died from these very drinks. It is a parenting issue, I agree, although libertarian, I believe there should be an age limit on these drinks. If they are available to all ages, that to me seems to be a problem. I am for legal drugs too, but not below a certain age limit. My son is forbidden to drink these drinks until he is 18, I want him to find his own energy.

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Maybe it is?

Your right, energy drinks are generally harmless, and to a habituated coffee drinker, hardly noticeable, if at all.

But a 5 year old on caffeine? Your right, that is a parenting issue, and they will certainly have an issue. If its a 5 year old already habituated to caffeine, there is a significantly different problem, and a family dynamic that is horrifying to me.

But, as a food stamp issue, I personally think they should be limited to certain foods or food types. If a person was just very poor, but not on food stamps, they would be limited in food choice. Food stamps are better than being working poor, and I see that as a problem. Also, the shame that used to accompany food stamps for some people is no longer there. What's wrong with a little shame to motivate someone?
All these little things that make food stamps easier to use are an issue, IMO.

Just open the box and see