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By Force Nancy Reagan for McCain

Plastered all over drudge is this headline that Nancy is for McCain. It appears alot of people are being coerced into supporting McCain in order to still have a voice within the establishment.

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It sounds like Nancy doesn't have the same interest ...

in economics and liberty that her husband did.

Let's get Badnarik, Lawson, Paul, Santoro, and Terbolizard elected to office in '08!

The only endorsement that

matters is yours. What do You believe? Who do You believe? If not now when, our time is now. Their agenda is now and on schedule.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Totally agreed with you on this.

Why do we even mention as to who endorses who? The only worry should be is who will I endorse. You are solely responsible for your own life and decisions and not somebody else no matter how great that other person is. Yes, you can get some guides but that also is very doubtful in these days of hidden agenda and secret societies.

I look at my family, the bank account, the monthly earnings, expenditure, the house I live in, my sphere of influence to gauge how much can I potentially control (socially, politically and economically) or get controlled by and decide as to who the best person to reprsent me and my family as president. No other person, however great (or small) comes into the equation.

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi


The best person to endorse Ron Paul is YOU. And that is what we are doing. Grass roots isn't called grass roots for nothing. Dr Paul has the biggest grass roots support in history. Ever! Ron Paul is one of the most searched words on the internet. I realise that we need to thank the notable people who have already shown support for Ron Paul and it is very much appreciated but the true reflection of what Ron Paul stands for is what you look at each day in the mirror. I'm sorry but Arny, Nancy and sydney stallone are yesterday. We are tomorrow! 'He who dares wins' - Derek Trotter.

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.

tune them out and focus on our mission


National effort to bike for Ron Paul on April 26th...join the champions of constitutional canvasing, please sign up and get invovled...cost nothing and will be safe, fun and proactive for the campaign!


More Drudge BS

'No public endorsement'...great "sources" Drudge.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."