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How YOU can increase media exposure before Feb 5th

Local press print local news and are notoriously lazy. Take the campaigns press release tomorrow regarding fund raising and call your local newspaper, radio station or TV station.

Call them, give them your name. Ask them to interview you about the Ron Paul campaign and things you've done, why you support him. Offer a picture of Dr. Paul or of yourself.

Tell them that you are active in the community, and want people to know how hard local people are working for Dr. Paul.

They'll do a story, it's nice, it's local....and national. It will attract readers. Offer a title like; "Understanding the Ron Paul Phenomenon in our home town of ******"

Tell them you are doing a big Fundraiser today, completely grassroots organized...and you would be happy to send them follow up information so they can do follow up articles.

Let the Campaign handle the Main Stream Media, let's win the local media.

Let's maximize our exposure this time. The campaign can't do this, it is too hard for a central campaign to contact all the local reporters, but we can do this. The campaign can give us press releases and if we contact our local media...those releases will get coverage.

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This is a superb idea!

Yeap! Free advertising that you could include website addresses.

Media loves to be hand fed..

We have seen it over and over again in business that writers don't really write stories. They collect press releases and prewritten materials from companies who buy ads in their paper and make news out of them.

The easier you make it for them, meaning the less writing and research they need to do, the more likely you will have sucess!


Exactly right

My company does this all the time...the media gets a free story, we get free press.

*Self Bump"

1000 people on Daily Paul, 1000 Newspapers contacted...1000 articles...1,000,000 people converted.