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"The Historic Fact Is The Constitution Was Intended To Gut The Rights Of The People"

The Fix Was In From The Beginning
By Eric Peters
Eric Peters Autos
June 16, 2014

; it was only as an afterthought that the Bill of Rights was tacked on, to placate those who were – rightly, as it turns out – suspicious of what Hamilton & Co. were up to.

The Constitution is all about “Congress shall have power…” and so on. Well, over whom shall it have power? By what authority?

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YES- and state constitutions as well.

Understand basic civics and know your adversary.

The generation of the founders thought they needed a big government to protect their interests from the other big governments of the day.
so they established the biggest, baddest government...but not just federal, state governments are totalitarian as well.

I would love to discuss if anyone is up to it.


"Understand basic civics and know your adversary."

Which adversary?

If I were a criminal then basic civics teaches me to know that my adversary is accurate accounting of the facts shared among the targeted victims.

If I were someone intending to effectively defend the innocent then basic civics teaches me to discover the accurate accounts of the facts and share those facts among the targeted victims.

"The generation of the founders thought they needed a big government to protect their interests from the other big governments of the day."

Which founders?

The so called Federalists were accurately accounted for as criminal frauds, extortionists, and they included Robert Morris, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams.

The so called Anti-Federalists held the criminal frauds to an accurate accounting and those defenders included Luther Martin, Robert Yates, George Mason, and Patrick Henry.

"so they established the biggest, baddest government...but not just federal, state governments are totalitarian as well."

Which government type?

Between 1776 and 1787 there was a free market voluntary association type of government where people in 13 Republics voluntarily joined a common defense organization that included a formalized agreement called The Articles of Confederation, and 13 Constitutions of various, competitive, types.

After the criminals took over in 1787 the former voluntary association was replaced with organized crime that continues to this moment.

"I would love to discuss if anyone is up to it."

Who decides what is or is not discussion?


"Originally in Western Europe

"Originally in Western Europe the concept of divine sovereignty held that the kings may rule only according to divine law; the kings turned that concept into a rubber stamp of divine approval for any of the king's actions. The concept of parliamentary democracy began as a popular check upon absolute monarchical rule it ended as parliament being an essential part of the state and its every act sovereign....Similarly with more specific doctrines, the "natural rights" of an individual enshrined in John Locke and the Bill of Rights, became a statist "right to a job"; utilitarianism turned from arguments for liberty to arguments against resisting the state's invasion of liberty... the most ambitious attempt to impose limits on the state has been the Bill of Rights and other restrictive parts of the American Constitution, in which written limits on government became the fundamental law to be interpreted by the judiciary supposedly independent of the other branches of government." -- Anatomy of the State; Murray Rothbard

I stand with the champion,

I stand with the champion, good luck finding and implementing something better and more viable in the near future.

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You can stand with Dr. Paul

You can stand with Dr. Paul and agree with Eric too... I do :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

The constitution was seen as a federal power grab

by the anti federalists who were comfortable with the articles of confederation.

The Federalist sold it on the basis that they would limit the Federal power- didn't work out so well did it?

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It was a criminal power grab.

By that measure it worked fabulously.



The Constitution is what we have. We must first return to a moral people and abide by the Constitution, before we work to take certain portions out, such as the 16th.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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B.S. it was not intended to gut the rights of the people.



Hard to argue with that o_O


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Very well written and it's

Very well written and it's exactly why I'm a "Christian Anarchist". There is no "law" but God's law. Men try to scribble some words on paper and claim they are "law" but we all know better. If the powerful ones want to do something that is against such "law" they just go ahead and do it. THEY have the power and WE are placed under their phony "laws". WE LIVE IN ANARCHY!! Those powerful men threaten us with violence if we don't pay their protection money and keep our mouths shut...

Beware the cult of "government"...



I wouldn't say government is ever "good", but it is...

...a necessary evil, mostly because some form of government cannot be avoided.

The government that governs least governs best, and it should only be there to help protect the rights of the individual from the tyranny of the majority... Just like violent force should only ever be used to protect the innocent from harm...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

or the rights of the weak from the tyranny of the powerful...

or just the rights of the individual.

Don't fully agree it's necessary

But it is evil. ;)

The arguments of anarchy or an an-cap society suggest that they can deal with most anything a government can, and those it can't would be irrelevant in such a society.

I don't know if I fully believe that either, I've never seen it work.

But, I think that government is always bad, if only because of what it must eventually become.

If power can be corrupted by those who wield it, it will be corrupted. Government must eventually grow into what we have now, simply because it controls it's own power of growth.

Imagine an agency of some sort, given a mandate to do something. They will do that to the best of their ability, and they will get really good. The pressure to get more power simply to do a better job, as they see it, will be irresistible.

Sure, these guys are ok, but what about the next ones?

you said: and it should only be there to help protect the rights of the individual from the tyranny of the majority

Isn't that what the PC stuff is all about, in some bizarre twisted government way? That's all about some individuals who are tired of getting stepped on by the majority. How many "equal treatment" rules does this government have?
I know what you mean, and do agree in some ways, but what we have now actually started out to do just what you said.

The question is "can a non corruptible government exist?"

Just open the box and see

Intentional falsehoods

The liars had to lie to get their POWER over everyone and that is only NEWS for dupes.


"One party, whose object and wish it was to abolish and annihilate all State governments, and to bring forward one general government, over this extensive continent, of monarchical nature, under certain restrictions and limitations. Those who openly avowed this sentiment were, it is true, but few; yet it is equally true, Sir, that there were a considerable number, who did not openly avow it, who were by myself, and many others of the convention, considered as being in reality favorers of that sentiment; and, acting upon those principles, covertly endeavoring to carry into effect what they well knew openly and avowedly could not be accomplished."

The criminals took over in 1787.

The criminals made slavery legal. Where once the people stood their ground on a foundation of independence FROM criminals the same people were recaptured by the criminals in 1787.

Fools or liars claim otherwise.

Slavery is right there in the so called Constitution, as is Piracy, as is Central Banking Fraud, as is Suppression of Rebellion.

Where the Declaration of Independence declares that free people have a duty to REBEL against criminal governments the so called Constitution outlaws, claims to outlaw, rebellion.

The proof was proven by Generalisimo Washington with his PROCLAMATION in 1794.

Free Market Government worked in the form of a Federation of Constitutional Republics and it worked well enough to defend the people against an army of criminals known as The British, so why were the criminals so keen on destroying that Federation with The Constitution?


Washington broke the government, so he could become the chief tax collector for the Congress of the United States and, also, so he could jail anyone who refused to consent to be taxed.

Criminals understand that the power to create fraudulent money depends upon the power to enforce the one fraudulent money so the Involuntary Tax (extortion payment) is put into play alongside the fraud money scheme.

Fools don't know this fact?

Long before the Federal Reserve and the IRS were Hamilton and Washington creating the same crime that someone writing on this Topic accurately accounts to the Communist Criminals as their PLANKS.

The Communists borrowed from the so called Federalists.

The criminals took on the name Federalists as a false front. The criminals don't call themselves the criminals, only fools take the bait.

Those who were decidedly against the criminal take-over of the American Federal (free market) government that worked between 1776 and 1787 spoke out in no uncertain terms and they were falsely labeled Anti-Federalists.

Even today, judging by the fools writing here in this Topic, the lie fools people.

The "Federalists" were criminals destroying a Federal (free market) government.

The "Anti-Federalists" were the people working to hold the criminals to an accurate accounting as these people worked to support a Federal (free market) government power.

When the criminals call themselves the Communists the fools believe them?

When the criminals call themselves the Democrats the fools believe them too?

When the criminals call themselves the Republicans the fools believe them too?

The power of false labels is only powerful when it works on dupes, fools, idiots, or insane people, as lies do not work on the liars themselves, they know their lies are lies.

When the criminals decide to make a list of all the victims they don't claim that they are branding their cattle.

The criminals do this:

Naturalization Act of 1790

That was precisely what was warned against during the effort by the true Federalists (called anti-federalists) as the true Federalists worked to expose the lies being told by the false Federalists. The TAX MAN will take everything once the TAX MAN takes the power to TAX.


George Mason Speech Virginia Ratifying Convention

June 04, 1788

Mr. Chairman—Whether the Constitution be good or bad, the present clause clearly discovers, that it is a National Government, and no longer a confederation. I mean that clause which gives the first hint of the General Government laying direct taxes. The assumption of this power of laying direct taxes, does of itself, entirely change the confederation of the States into one consolidated Government. This power being at discretion, unconfined, and without any kind of controul, must carry every thing before it. The very idea of converting what was formerly confederation, to a consolidated Government, is totally subversive of every principle which has hitherto governed us. This power is calculated to annihilate totally the State Governments. Will the people of this great community submit to be individually taxed by two different and distinct powers? Will they suffer themselves to be doubly harrassed? These two concurrent powers cannot exist long together; the one will destroy the other: The General Government being paramount to, and in every respect more powerful than, the State governments, the latter must give way to the former.

Before branding their cattle the criminals don't say we are now the only people who judge right from wrong, and they do not say that from now on our branded cattle are not allowed to judge fact or law themselves, no, the liars don't confess the facts.

The liars do this:


"I opposed this bill from the beginning. It certainly is a vile law system, calculated for expense and with a design to draw by degrees all law business into the Federal courts."

Monopolization, cartelization, or just plain old organized crime.

What was it that William Black said?


The best way to rob a bank is to own all of them; steal the government from the people.

So the criminals made slavery, piracy, counterfeit money, robbery, legal, and rebellion illegal, with their false constitution, then they set up their Monopoly Kangaroo Courts, then they branded all their cattle, then what did the criminals do so soon after the criminals took over free market government by the people, for the people, and of the people?


We speak and you don't.


We took your trial by jury too, so shut up or be punished.

And if you dare, ever dare, to resist.


We the criminals will then enslave an army of slaves larger than the volunteer army that defended this country, and we the criminals will crush out your spirit of liberty wherever it may spark up again.

The fools may want to remain fooled but seriously the evidence is as overwhelming as sunlight on a warm spring day, so the fools can claim that it is night time during the day, but they are only fooling themselves.

The fools and the sycophants can fawn over the naked Emperors imaginary cloths until the sun sets.


No Treason - The Constitution of No Authority

Lysander Spooner makes his arguments that the constitution does not apply to us. I personally agree that just because a bunch of guys got together 200+ years ago and gave themselves power over other men, it doesn't have anything to do with me.


Larken Rose has a shorter version that is quick end easy to understand.


Government doesn't need your consent to rule you

Its power comes from naked brute force.
It's rules you. It GOVERNS you. Regardless of your consent.

Government is a distinct entity that has achieved rule making/military dominance over society and can grant itself the power to harm with legal impunity.

You don't give it power to harm you...it grants itself the power to harm you as it pleases.

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Yea Lysander Spooner !!!

Yea Lysander Spooner !!!

Beware the cult of "government"...

The Federalists began dismantling it right away.,

With the Alien and Sedition Acts. Most historians have concluded they were primarily an attempt to suppress voters who disagreed with the Federalist party.

But there are other factors to consider.

The US had a central bank in 1792, 50-60 years before Karl Marx created the Communist Manifesto with Central Bank Planning as one of the Planks. This first National Bank was controlled by London Bankers....and their agents Hamilton & Co, from the beginning.

But I think the title of this thread is misleading, because the framers were at least 2/3rds strongly Anti-Federalist. The constitution was intended to bind the hands of Government, not the people.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Forgot the quote

Forgot the quote, but the message was that an ignorant society has no chance of being or staying free.

I look around me and while some are my dear family and friends, there are a great deal of people who just aren't capable or willing to spend the time necessary to be free.

This is a real problem for those of are capable and willing. It is much easier to weaken the mind into submission rather than physically shackle the body into the same.

History shows otherwise

Don't just read The Federalist Papers, also read the notes of the convention. The participants of the convention were trying to solve some real problems that faced the local, state, and confederate governments.


The Bill of Rights was not an afterthought, it was a condition of being ratified.

I agree with the fact that we no longer have Rights, but it is not because of the Constitution, it is because people have stopped exercising their rights.

Rights are actions/behaviors that DO NOT require the permission of another to act/behave. If you are convinced that you must ask permission, then you are not exercising a Right, you are now operating under the Privilege or Permission of another. When millions are convinced to operate under the Permission of Another (often called the State), then the State erroneous believes that it retains that same assumed authority over all.

This is where we must start exercising our Rights again in mass, and peacefully. We can't undo the Dumb Masses over night, but we can start demanding our Right to a Jury Trial and to a Fair Trial.

Restoring Liberty doesn't stop there, but let's not blame a fairly honest attempt to solve some problems of transitioning away from a Monarchy to a Republic.

Natural rights

Natural rights are actions that do not require the permission of another because they are granted by nature, but are rarely recognized by governments.

Legal rights are actions granted by statute.

Contract rights are actions granted by contract.

I see Legal and Contract Rights as Privileges

They end up playing the same role, just a matter of semantics.

A Legal Right is a privilege in that you require the Permission of the Legislature to Act/Behave.

A Contract Right is a Privilege in that each party requires the permission of the other to act/behave.

I don't see them as Rights as I narrowly define Rights as actions/behaviors that DO NOT require the permission of another to act.

Just semantics, but it is easier for me to differentiate sense no sort of Right requires permission.

great title.

I believe that all government is evil, in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty - HL Mencken

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Government is just an idea - it's evil people allowed into it

that make it evil.


government is an entity

that has achieved rule making/ military dominance over a society and can grant itself the power to harm with legal impunity.

It harms people and cannot be held responsible for its actions.

It allows evil people to harm you without recourse.

Which is why it is a bad

Which is why it is a bad idea.