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Does Dr. Paul know that the FBI does not connect Osama bin Laden

...to the attacks of September 11?


When asked why, a spokesman said because the FBI has "no hard evidence".


What kind of an impact do you think this would have if Dr. Paul brought this up to Senator McCain? Devastating, I'd say.


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Most of the sheeple in the

Most of the sheeple in the country have a hard time understanding the Fed and why it's a criminal conspiracy. Opening up the 9/11 can of worms now would be the worst thing for us. Of course Dr. Paul open a real investigation once in office (and no other candidate would), he just has to get there first. Be patient with the 9/11 issue, educate yourself and worn on promoting Paul. Raise havoc after the general election no matter who wins.

To teleomorph

It's less about September 11 than it is about our foreign policy and getting a fact under Senator McCain's nose! Unconstitutional, Illegal, undeclared war and the FBI has "no hard evidence" linking bin Laden to the greatest terrorist attack in American history? McCain's all about the threat from "Islamists" yada yada yada and our own FBI...Ugh. I'm repeating myself.

It's also about getting that fact into the public domain. Did you know the FBI stated it has "no hard evidence" before today?

very good point

I am sure information from this board makes its way to Dr. Paul



Oh, and wouldn't it be funny if they asked why they still talk about bin laden when he has been dead since 2003!!!? Bhutto said it in a video on this website I went to right before she was assasinated!!