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Californians>>Time to e-mail Arnold

Please e-mail the Governor and advise him on your opion of his endorsement of John McCain. I kept mine short and simple in the hopes that it would be read.

I stated: Mr. Governor; I feel compelled to write you to tell you how disappointed I am with your endorsement of John McCain. As Governor you represent the people of this state and to endorse any candidate ahead of the primary election is an abuse of your position and the trust that the people of California have in you. As a state of educated people it is not right for anybody in leadership to presume that they have the need to direct voting through endorsement. It is obvious that you have put your party affiliation ahead of your dedication to free and open elections. To this point in time I have viewed you as a fair and competent Governor but your untimely endorsement has eroded that faith.

You can reach him at >>>http://gov.ca.gov/interact

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