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NEVER Give Up Hope

The battle to be a free individual is worth everything. Literally everything. There is no life worth living if you must be a serf or slave. We must NEVER, EVER give in to feelings of despair or resignation. We MUST protect, defend, and RESTORE the rule of constitutional law and limited government in this country. There is no other option.

It doesn't matter if the ignorant, arrogant, smug, interested, bloated, ugly old media tries to silence our movement. They CANNOT. You CANNOT silence truth. This is America damn it and there will be no silencing of the voice of liberty and limited government and the rule of law. This is the land of the free and home of the brave. This is not the land of the ignorant and the home of the slaves.

No matter what stupid or evil people try to do to this movement (or simply inertly hold back via inaction and lack of basic thinking skills) we will prevail. We are the sinews and the brains of America. We are the real conscience (not the liberal, "plunder is ok" version). We are the wise and the truly caring.

By god's will, and by the will of every single freedom-loving, free-will-having, intelligent, hard working member of our movement, we will make this happen.

There is no alternative.

Regardless of the outcome of this particular election, we must battle on fully confident in the righteousness and truth of our cause. We may not all agree on every single bit of minute detail, but we sure as heck can all agree that becoming (or remaining) a serf or a slave is absolutely not an option.

Our unalienable rights will not be taken. They cannot.

We will win. It is only a matter of fulfilling our destiny as free individuals.

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America's Braveheart


Just thought it fit perfectly with your thread topic!