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Has anyone started farming yet?

I was curious because I and my sister are already raising goats, sheep, chickens, guineas, pigs, fish pond, and other livestock on our few acres of land. I was curious if anyone else is doing the same. I started doing this when I felt I was going to lose my job, so I was thinking of back up plans. I enjoy it as well since it's also a hobby.

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you looking to land?

To be honest...

I had to think about this... Every place seems to have some downside. I need to stay in this area for a while to sell off 50+ years of my parent's stuff.. after that I'm pretty much free to go where ever I want which is big time scary but kinda exciting also.

My c*nt of a local deputy sheriff half-nephew, whom I despise, is doing his very best to screw me out of my inheritance so I'm not sure where I'll be money wise but I'm cool with living a casual lifestyle. My little dogs are my biggest expense with dog food o.O

by the way... if there is anyone in the sonoma county, ca area who does serious canning etc I have stuff including a couple of those big "defense" pressure cookers etc. It would be great to pass them on to someone on here.

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Have hoe will travel

Been farming in several states having small farm animals and gardens for 40 years. Free range chickens take care of tics . Rabbits make great nutrient's back in soil. I am looking right now for another small farm to move too. Must have spring water and ponds for fish and land to hunt. I love small animals and birds. They taste delicious. Looking Somewhere in the hills of Tenn.

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Chickens and ticks

I just did the research, and it appears chickens that ingest Lyme-disease-ridden ticks will not transfer it to people who eat the chicken's meat. The chicken's stomach eliminates the risk.

I'm reading "Lab 257" and recommend it -- it describes how the USDA and US Army conspired with Nazi scientists to create Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Dutch duck plague, and a disease that made lobsters economically unviable around Long Island.

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I live outside of

I live outside of Clarksville, there is a lot rural land out here along with ranch houses and stock yards that sell livestock, hay, and other farm supplies and equipment. Tennessee has a lot of good areas, Kentucky does as well, but Kentucky has an income tax.

I live in Tenn now

Mule Town capital of the world . Hee Haw . Not a bad place to live.

Money talks and dogs bark

What part of Tennessee?

Do you live in Columbia?

I have. I moved into my house

I have. I moved into my house last July and within the month I had a garden started. I started small but I am constantly expanding it and looking at what ill add for the next season.

Started with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, turnips, and watermelon. Added some lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli for cold weather crops. The hard freezes we had this past winter made it hard to keep anything long enough to harvest though.

This year I added beans, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, irish and sweet potatoes, orka, cantelope, strawberries, blackberries, and corn. I was late for the cold weather crops because of a late freeze, but the rain and cool weather allowed them to grow still. We are just now getting hot enough that they are starting to die off.
I have had trouble starting tomatoes this year. The ones that grew had something eat them so I am on my 4th replant.
I even grew some Einkorn Wheat and corn this spring. Should be ready to harvest soon and I will see if it is worth growing more.

Along with the outside garden I am testing an aquaponics system in the garage. I have a cucumber plant that was transplanted almost 2 weeks ago. It is doing well and starting to grow again. I am waiting on the starters for the other plants I will be growing to get a little bigger before I transplant.

I am contemplating getting chickens for both eggs and meat. So far the GF doesnt like that idea, but I may go for it next spring. She wont mind if they eat all the bugs.

So far I haven't grown eneough to remove my dependency on the grocery store (except when lettuce is in season) but this is my first full season. I hope to have eneough potatoes, onions, and garlic to last a year. But even if it doesnt go that far its a start. The corn will be harder to store, I think I may try freezing it this year and look at better methods next year. And depending on the harvest of beans and okra, we plan can some of them.

It is something I enjoy doing regardless. It gets me out of the house and off of the computer. I just hope I harvest eneough to offset what I spend in doing it. My latest project is a nice potato bin for the kitchen. I will probably take pictures as I am building it and post some on here.

Are there any Amish/Mennonite

Are there any Amish/Mennonite markets near where you live? Their stuff is organic and grown themselves. I go by there when I want things like flour, cheese, etc. The one I go sells raw milk cheese and lightly pasteurized organic milk, strait from the cow.

You know the Amish don't know much about GMOs

They are very different by area and ordanag they live under.
There are many here they have maybe 10 acres of land not enough to grow feed/
So they buy the feed so you know they get GMO feed as about 90% of corn is many work as building crews and don't farm so much.
They build pole barns convert them to houses use kerosene for lamps and cooking.

Yes I've noticed when I was

Yes I've noticed when I was in Lancaster PA, and also here up the road in Todd County KY. I've seen them, a whole trailer full, on the back of a tractor, pulled up to Walmart to shop. That was their favorite mode of travel other than the horse and buggy.

There is a small farmers

There is a small farmers market store that gets their produce from the local Amish when its in season. I have started stopping by there a bit.

I have started getting milk from Earth Fare, it is pasteurized but hormone free. I cant drink milk from the store, it makes me sick. I havent gotten any raw mil yet.

I am getting all heirloom and organic seeds to grow where I can. But I have yet to find corn. I will order online ahead of time for next planting season.

Where can you find organic

Where can you find organic corn?

Here is one

Thanks so much :-)

Thanks so much :-)

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Be careful

With that flour,ours here sell flour that is not their own
One is conagra

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I checked that site

Couldn't see anywhere where it stated their goods are not gmo.
It would be fun though,to take that trip and see it for myself
On a side note,you used to have a website linked to your account,i couldn't find,so I was wondering,do you still sell vitamins/minerals?
If so,would you share that link with me?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Th only thing I saw was they used contract growers.

I'd never been to the mill. Our grocer stocked it.

I have been taking the youngetivity products for 18 months.

I regrew an inch in height since last we talked.

Email on it's way.

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Thanks,got it

Hows come you don't post that site here anymore?
A family member,who by the way is too young,is experiencing some med probs,and if I have to go more broke,I will try to fix this problem
again,thank you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Hello Deacon.

I wanted to send traffic to Michael's site, so he can pick up commissions and so do I. Win-Win.

I also agreed to answer questions. I am also planning a DP original to direct users in making needed purchases.

I am very impressed with Wallach's program. Ninety days, dosed per body weight and your shoulder will be healthy again with maximum mobility.

A maintenance dose insures years of healthy living.

Let me know, I can set you and yours up to get the highest rebates (commissions). I understand how important it is to go broke less.

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I must be missing something.

I do not see the site you listed anywhere on the DP.
If I cannot see it,it means,others do not,and if we do not see it
then you are not aiding this site,yourself or others.
I would hope it resembles this site,which BTW I found in my email :)

Edit...Paul,i went to that site,but was unable to get past the 1st page
The tab for United states/or other, seems impaired,as thats ad far as the page goes.It didn't seem to matter if i wanted to shop or join,I tried both\

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You are correct, I cannot join or shop at dp2, either.

I did view profile. But never tried to join or shop.

I have no idea why it doesn't work. Spouse and I never had a problem, we just keep ordering.

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What about the cornmeal? My

What about the cornmeal? My sister bought some stone ground cornmeal thinking it is authentic.

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Haven't checked that here

But I know for a fact,they take bigger containers of whatever,and put the contents into smaller unmarked packages
I'd ask them if it their own grown products that are packaged,This is what i do here now,I have come in contact with some great ones,I now buy veggies,whole milk,turkeys and chickens,and have a side of beef on the way
BTW,we are thinking of moving south,maybe TN or KY,friends there know of some amish,and if that pans out,we shall be hooked up there as well.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I guess the only other way is

I guess the only other way is to grow the wheat and corn yourself and grind it, to be 100% sure.

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Here is where i get my info from


have fun :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

This is very useful. Thanks a

This is very useful. Thanks a lot. Do you know of site like that for livestock or other agriculture related topics?

Cool list. Thanks!

Been picking here since June 1982.


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We started a backyard flock of chickens

my wife really wanted goats too, but I told her we just started on chickens and so one thing at a time.

None of this is at our farm though... just in our suburban backyard.

We've also ramped up gardening, but are finding out that we will need a huge garden to keep us fed. Luckily we have plenty of room at the farm... it's just making the move there full time that is holding us up now.

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