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**LARGE INTERNET FAILURE** Get ready for it Folks!

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They can repair it

But I am worried where and when the big bus is going to fall from space, you know, the spy satellite? MSM blurbed about it, now all is quiet. They did mention about "contingency" plans, so that's why I am concerned, that's WAY more serious then some undersea internet cables.
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There is good reason to think the PTB might do this. Politically and technically, they will not get away with "controlling" the internet in the USA
or Europe so do not be surprised to see them try to attack it in another way.

Agreed that CNN is a piece of crap but this topic does have legs. HOWEVER, I hope people do not react in a fear based way. Lets be honest, if "they" want to do this, they can and will. Let it go, and focus on what we can control. It is important to understand this can happen, but not to fear it - as they were always able to shut it down if they wanted, but they have not wanted to yet. "They" make alot of money off the internet, so there is a sacrifice for the elites too. The only question is, when, not IF.

I wont be thinking alot about this, but it is a good reminder.

Sambo go troll elsewhere

What a loser thing to post here at daily paul.
To try to get Ron Paul supporters to go and view anything on CNN is treasonous to our efforts this ted turner crock of SH*T will get no viewing from me including their website. F CNN. Everyone have special thoughts for ANderson Cooper that little runt deserves a beating then Id throw that twerp into the worst part of IRAQ. He is a traitor to the American way.