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Hey all – need a hand to get the word out. Anyone willing to help?

Hello All,

My name is Mark. I am teaching myself website design and chose a topic in which I’m interested, politics. I am basically just informing myself about the candidates, how they stand on the issues and publishing it to the web.
Well, in the past weeks I suddenly had a huge surge of unique visitors and tens of thousands page views daily. I am sorry to say that my data for Ron Paul is incomplete. It’s simple, researching the subject takes a lot of time and I’m doing the best I can to fill in the issues on a daily basis but still have a long way to go. I’ve had 1,265 views of Ron’s profile page already today.
Is there anyone out there who would like to help out researching the issues? I’m afraid that thousands of people will see his page before Tuesday and feel guilty that I can’t complete it. I will publish any additional info immediately. You can see the page and find my contact at www.republican-candidates.org Thank you

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Republican Poll

You have a Republican Poll There which includes Rudy (who dropped out) and not Paul.

Excellent resource to date!!


Become a Precinct Leader
Donate to the Campaign

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul


Thankyou for contacting us about this. I'm going to go have a look and see if I can help for starters - here's a couple of sites where you can pick up loads of information:
(I'll go plug this on there in case you haven't already, by the way)

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Thanks bump, I got four or

Thanks bump, I fixed the poll and got four or five issues filled in and have to go to bed. It’s 1:30 AM in my neighborhood and I got to rise at 6. If anyone would want to prepare an issue or two and send it to me that would be great. We could fill up Ron’s profile by tomorrow evening. So far I like what I'm reading.

Thanks and good night.