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Drug War Blowback: Vegas Murderers were Police Informants

Drug War Blowback: Vegas Murderers were Police Informants
by William Norman Grigg

Jerad and Amanda Miller, who were banished from Bunkerville by supporters of Cliven Bundy, had worked as informants for Nevada law enforcement agencies. After the Millers murdered three people — Las Vegas Metro Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and Joseph Wilcox, an armed citizen who heroically tried to stop their rampage — their former handlers claimed that they were unaware of the couple’s “anti-police sentiments.” That claim is difficult to credit, given that Jerad Miller had a lengthy criminal record, and the fact that the couple had made itself very prominent in protests associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jerad Miller, who was mired in the probation system because of narcotics convictions, was precisely the kind of person whose vulnerabilities make him valuable as an informant and provocateur.

The Millers were among many hundreds of people who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to support rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the BLM. They may well have been the only volunteers who were asked to leave because of concerns regarding what was described as their “aggressive nature and volatility.” During their brief visit, however, Jerad was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate, which meant that he was depicted as representative of the people who had rallied to the Bundy family’s cause.

Predictably, following the couple’s subsequent killing spree critics of Cliven Bundy claimed that the rancher, his supporters, and the entire “insurrectionist right” shared collective responsibility for that crime. Honest people who aren’t imprisoned in collectivist ideology would recognize that rather than being radicalized by so-called anti-government extremists, Jerad Miller is more properly seen as a living example of “blowback” in the government’s war on drugs.

11:24 am on June 18, 2014
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A couple with "anti-police"

A couple with "anti-police" views cooperates with police?

Couple goes to the bundy ranch,gets kicked out for being too aggressive,but not before being interviewed by NBC.

A convicted felon is somehow able to avoid gas,lodging, and guns despite having a wife who works at hobby lobby.

He has participated in Occupy and Anonymous events.

Then the police lie, or let a lie get created, about how they died.

The phrase "false flag" is thrown around quite a bit by people critical Government Controlled Media(They are "mainstream" only in their own minds), but if you are in the liberty movement for more than a week, you know that the right move is to always question the initial government statement on an event such as this.

Huh. So these two were lashing out

at a very personal level.

I always wonder what the damage is. I'm tempted to believe that Alex Jones has the power to make people people generally, pervasively yet non-specifically angry at the world in general because listening to AJ is nearly as pervasive as seratonin uptake inhibitors among mass-violence manifestors.

(only half joking on that last...)

But this guy and therefore his mate were under THE THUMB. They didn't need to listen to AJ, they were LIVING THE NIGHTMARE that AJ warns of. Their lives were the property of people and agencies that could lean in on them at any time.

OK now I get it. They faced the carrot and the stick routine. The stick was more brutality and incarceration and the carrot was some semblance of their freedom dangled in front of them, something they could see and smell but never taste again.

They would never be free again and they knew it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

ecorob's picture


if they were drug "informants" working closely with the police, did they target certain corrupted police?

Or, did they pick out two at random? Did they plan to kill these two cops for a specific reason? Did they hold them guilty of something?

Just playing devil's advocate here...if they were connected to the cop shops and pig stys did they "know" something about these specific two policeman?

It strikes me as funny, weird, that they were so closely connected to these police and didn't, for whatever reason, "target" someone specifically. I would think they would.

Will more truth come out of this calamity?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

And my first thought was

And my first thought was, is it just a coincidence they were interviewed at the ranch? To play that devil's advocate role; were they sent there to be in part interviewed and used as representative of Bundy and supporters?

Most likely paid to inite violence

which of course backfired due to the nature of the protestors.

Being well within their rights to peacefully protest the treatment of the Bundy family, the only violence committed at the Bundy ranch was by the BLM "agents"

Your tax dollars at work!

The linked site

Seems to be down. I really want to read this.

it's working

i just checked..

check 1 check 2

check 1 check 2