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Romney about to quit? Bought no TV ads after Super Tuesday!

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Evidently you heard wrong

Driving to work this morning (Jan 31st) the radio newscast (KFWB AM 980 in Los Angeles) mentioned -- as news -- that Romney planned to advertise in CA for Super Tuesday. He gets this reported for free, you notice. I also heard a paid ad for Ron Paul, immediately afterwards, which made me feel some better.

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I saw that earlier, too, but then I saw this:

from: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/31/us/politics/31cnd-campaign...

Competition between Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney for California’s vast array of Republican delegates heated up on Thursday, with Mr. McCain receiving a major endorsement and Mr. Romney preparing to broadcast television advertisements in California and several other February 5 states.

McRomney IS buying

It's all over MSM that they both ARE buying up slots for Super Tuesday.

McRomney IS buying

It's all over MSM that they both ARE buying up slots for Super Tuesday.

Chuck Todd of MSNBC

He predict McCain will pick up at least 600 or 700 delegates on Super Tuesday. If he does much better than that, look for ROmney to pull out.

It may be

That once he has to post that he just spent 30 million of his own money on the campaign thus far that it will be seen as an attempt to purchase the POTUS... ;)

Maybe he did the math.. time will tell.

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I doubt it, he wants to be president.

Regardless of his loyalties - he'll stay in as long as he thinks he has any chance. He's being smart by not letting people know in advance what he is doing. Anyone that agrees with Mitt is going to vote for him. I dont think you will see that many lesser of two evils voters this year. They will either find a candidate or not vote. The dynamics of this year's race are different than other years.