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We Are Change: New Mass Movement in Berlin to End the Fed!

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Mods should sticky this!

Seriously temporarily put it on the front page for a few days.

In his immortal words

"Freedom is popular."—Ron Paul

uh...BERLIN? Hmmmm...bitcoin?

OK first off that's about as big a crowd as any ETF rally here in the USA. In Berlin. OK yeah, the FRN is a global instrument of debt perhaps more than it is domestically. Everybody has a dog in this fight especially since the Russian wolf got in. But it didn't immediately occur to me that ETF would go international.

We're so insular!

It just so happens that Berlin is the defacto global capital of bitcoin. Coincidence?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

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You confused me with the acronym :)

You mentioned Bitcoin, and then said ETF, and I thought for sure you were talking about the Winklevoss twins and their foray into Wall Street.

ETF in your case being End The Fed.

I got gas the other day at Liberty Tree Shell (love that) and did a double-take when I saw "FRN" emblazoned on the pump. It's "Fuel Rewards Network" but still, I would imagine just seeing it might help some people that we talk to, to wake further up.

As to the coincidence -- Bitcoin represents freedom from the FRN. It's no wonder the two are found together in nature. :)

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Thank you so much for the video Diamond Dog! You are a Big Boss!