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Jindal finally gets it right!

Yesterday Gov.Bobby Jindal announced he is pulling Louisiana out of Common Core and PAARC. This is something the libertarians and tea party have been apposing since the get go and finally the governor felt the pressure and acted. political postering maybe but ill take it.


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not an endorsement of jindal

i have zero trust that he did it for principles sake and wouldnt enact something that is the same, only state ran. im just saying he finally listened to the people and is making the steps to get us out of it. whether its for his national political aspiration, of which im sure, its still a good step. and regardless of his eligibility, he wouldnt get my vote.

St.Amant, LA...Libertarian Party of Ascension Parish

You need to beware of claims of pulling out of Common Core

they may reintroduce it but under a different name as is allowed. I don't trust these bastards and neither should anyone else.

Good. But Jindal is still not qualified to run.

He is not a natural-born citizen, and Jindal is ANTI-Liberty:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul