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U.S. says al-Maliki must go. A look at "must go" headlines through the years.

Today's headline at CNN.com is "U.S. Says al-Maliki Must Go":
 photo cnn61914.png
The headline is saddening as it suggests we are about to go to war, kinetic military action, police action, or whatever it will be called.

I thought I remembered seeing a similar headline about Iraq a long time ago. Unfortunately, CNN scrubbed the original, but here is what you get from a CNN archive search for the headline "Bush: Saddam Hussein Must Go" from 2002:
 photo cnn4602.png
For fun, you can search "must go" headlines through the years.

2012: Hillary Clinton says Syrian President Assad Must Go:
 photo assad.png
2011: U.S. says Egypt's President Mubarak Must Go:
 photo mubarek.png
2011: Libya: Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy vow Gaddafi Must Go
 photo gaddafi.png
Even back to 1988: Ronald Reagan vow's Panama's Noriega must go:
 photo noriega.png

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95% of the politicians in DC

95% of the politicians in DC MUST GO!

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