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Rand Paul 2016 Video: Senator Rand Paul Takes A Stand For Life

Rand Paul 2016 Video: Senator Rand Paul Takes A Stand For Life


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fucking abortion? seriously?

fucking abortion? seriously? come on man

Rand is stuck in the past

Sexual reproduction is so passé, Rand. As of 2010 Census figures, the fertility rate of the total U.S. population is now below replacement level, and much of the natural growth that does occur is being led by immigrant parents, who tend to have higher birth rates. If we just look at native-born, non-Hispanic whites, there are now more deaths than births, and the total fertility rate is around 1.7, well below the 2.2 that is considered replacement level.

The dirty work of "making babies the old-fashioned way" is simply something that most Americans won't do, even if you offer remuneration in the generous amount stipulated by minimum wage laws (just try at a bar and watch what happens), so as a country we have decided to outsource the tiresome, meticulous labor to Mexico, like other jobs that Americans refuse to do (e.g., picking tomatoes, distributing cocaine).

the country will never change on abortion...

I think this is a mistake when trying to win a general election. Rand's already said he wouldn't try to ban abortion nor overturn Roe v. Wade. It's a position that the country's not going to change on-

If you feel sad for abortions (which I do), there's millions of children that needlessly die every year that few people care about.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

I agree...

this might be something he would want to tackle during a second term, but not now. Not when he is gaining momentum. Great way to loose an election though. With the current mindset of this country, an anti-abortion candidate has ZERO chance of winning in the general. Thats an issue that brings pro-choicers out of the woodwrok. He should be avoiding this issue like the plague at this point. IMO.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

The country can change on abortion

Because it has done so in the past. However, like most major changes, you cannot walk in and club change into place like a square peg into a round hole. First you must change hearts and minds and to do that you must be in a position to enact that change. A war is not won in a day.

Beautiful video

Made me think of when I first heard my daughter's heart beat. The nurse told us she was no larger than a grain of rice and she was just four pixels on the display; one pixel pulsing bright white. As far as I was concerned that little girl, as big as a grain of rice, was my baby and no judge or jury could convince me otherwise.

Beautiful! "Setting the tone" for this lost country

Vote the Record, Not the Rhetoric.

Rand Paul 2016 :-)


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

So It Begins....BOOM!!

Senator Paul is running for Prez...