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Update on life in Chile - Paraguay coming soon

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Is there a way to private mssg on here?

My son is currently in South America for the summer, he's travelling solo and I was hoping he could connect with some libertarians while he's down there. He's in Peru right now but will be heading to Chile to check it out. I've left Galts Gulch a voice mail and email but no response. How did you get a hold of them?

Hey plum,

Ken Carpenter is usually the one on location, but I can't find his business card at the moment. I think its kcarpenter@galtsgulchchile.com

If that doesn't work, try kjohnson@galtsgulchchile.com for Ken Johnson.

Sorry the timing is so bad, I'm about to head over to Paraguay next week. I would be happy to introduce him to some local Chilean friends, but there isn't anyone else I'm in contact with here that would specifically be libertarian. Except the Exosphere guys, I could definitely send some contact info for them. Also, internations.org is really effective if he just wants to meet people in general, as well as facebook.

I will be back in Chile by October (for Exosphere, actually), but it sounds like he might be gone by then.

If you want to send me a pm, click on my username and look for a contact tab near the top of the page. I tried to send you one, but I think you have to enable a contact form. You would need to click on your name, click on the edit tab toward the top, then look at the bottom of the page for an option to set up a contact form for other DPers to message you.

If nothing else, you can message me on youtube, facebook:


or chroniclesofanexpat@gmail.com


I will email Ken and see if he has any recommendations. I've been following the Galts Gulch community for sometime and now that one of us is so close it would seem a pity to not try to visit. Either way my son is getting to experience a different lifestyle that is available should he ever choose to leave the US I was hoping he would be able to talk to someone whos made the move and see that it is an option. I want my kids to know there are other places should things get too bad here(in my opinion things have taken several terrible turns and I've chosen my strategy, to stay)I'll send him the FB link and Kens email, thank you again and safe travels :)