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Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) draft has been leaked

A draft of the secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex has been released by WikiLeaks today in a press release.

In an anti-transparency feat, the draft is meant to remain private during the negotiations which started in April 2013, and are set to commence for a seventh round of talks from June 23-27 in Geneva, Switzerland. An amendment is also in place within the Agreement to keep it a secret for five years after its inception if it does pass.

According to the draft, financial multi-nationals would be assisted in expansion to other nations with no interference from regulatory barriers, resulting in cross-border data flow between other government entities and third-parties.


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How do they know how many people are looking for work? I mean, if I went to a place that had a add for a job. Does that place fill out a form and send to the feds saying such and such is looking for work?

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And why is "work" so sacred, anyway?

I heard some talking head (they've got a damned idiot box blaring at us on our way into the building now) saying something about wanting more people to have the opportunity to work.

It got me to thinking, why is it important that the humans on this planet have a "job"? What inherent goodness is there about being a wage slave? Is not raising a family even more important than contributing to the war effort (through taxation of one's earnings)?

I am looking forward to the day when I no longer need to work. Again. This time, I'll do a lot more to expand liberty's sphere of influence.

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Your tax dollars pay for bureaucrats

to poll business managers.
Then the bureaucrats make up poll results that reflect what their admin bosses want the people to hear and think.

Its just this kind of thing

This is just the kind of thing that they pass in their boardrooms while no-one is looking and nothing restrains them.

Hardly anyone notices with all the noise and rapid events going on.

A few years later everything is different - something familiar about every day life is never the same ... and people say:

"What happened? They cant do that, can they?" *facepalm*