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When I was a child I respected and admired the police.

When I was a child I used to respect and admire the police. For a while I wanted to be one.

I remember the LAPD would come into our neighborhood and give away promotional LA. Dodger baseball cards to all the kids. We would play catch with one officer who was especially nice to us.

Then something changed. As we got older I noticed that they did not look at us the same even though we were still the same kids. They did not smile anymore. It seems like it was almost over-night although it was over a period of several years but they started treating us like criminals and looking at us with fear and disdain. At least how I took it, and after a while I too, looked at them with fear and distrust.

As an adult I have had my run-ins with police. Standing up for myself landed me in jail a few times and in retrospect I probably should have expressed myself a little bit better and calmer... lol But it's hard to respect a man who is taking your freedom away from you. Especially one who is a weak fat ass that would otherwise get pummeled if it weren't for the system that protects him.

So now I reach out to police respectfully. Thank them for their service, hand them a Oath Keepers pamphlet and proceed to ask them to respect everyone's civil rights and uphold their oath to the Constitution. But I also warn them that because of their treatment of the general public over all these years that they are in serious danger of violent repercussions if and when the public has had enough.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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No admiration, just respect

I've never admired them, but I've always respected their presence.

Now I'm biased, though.

As I see it, with corruption growing in their ranks slowly and surely choking the # of good cops, I'd say the last thing to do would be to fear them as a whole.

The urgent thing to do is to have as many of them as possible, not all lost, to wake up in turn to the total debasement of the Constitution they share with you/us - they are just people, as vulnerable should they stop being active.

Times have proven they can become as deadly as the military when they go totally bad, totally servile of the brute state.

Yes, they have free will, but it's also shared responsibility, IMO, up to the people who tolerated them around first, to not abandon them to the latter - the brute state.

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From the mouth of babes.

Recently, my 6 y.o. daughter asked me the important question...
"Why do you have to wear your seat belt?"
After a moment of thought...I said "It protects you from the police".
Anyone knows where I can get a bumper sticker that reads...
Fasten Your Seat Belt, Its your only defense against the police.
I'm not joking!

It is very telling indeed

I used to feel safe around cops. Now I get nervous every time I see one because they always feel like they're just looking for an excuse.

Suggested reading would be any Discworld book about Sam Vimes. Terry Pratchet describes, brilliantly and near perfectly, the mentality of a cop.

This is for you my friend...

You are not alone.


Thanks for posting that :)

I hadn't seen it before. It brings a tear to my eye. Cheers

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Yes, when I was young we had

Yes, when I was young we had "peace officers". Now we have "Law Enforcement Officers". The name has changed and so has their purpose. They no longer desire to keep "peace". They now want to "enforce" by extreme violence every crapcan law that can be imagined (and some that can't)...

Beware the cult of "government"...