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Rupert Murdoch’s Warning to Congress and What He Likes About Rand Paul

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch said his “heart sank” after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary loss last week because he worries about the prospects for immigration reform.

He also took a strong leaning to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), considered a likely Republican presidential contender in 2016, and who last week expressed a willingness to move forward on some type of immigration reform as long as it involved securing the border first.


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This isn't the first time

immigration has had undesirables flow into the United States from a foreign country overwhelming the social structures in the United States:

"Between April and September 1980, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro unleashed uncontrolled emigration from Cuba to the United States, leading to the Mariel boatlift crisis. In small overcrowded boats, some 125,000 Cubans made a perilous journey across the Florida Straits. This massive exodus caught President Jimmy Carter, then running for reelection, unprepared and created both a humanitarian and political crisis."


According to reports at the time, Carter made a deal with Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, where 90,000 illegals would be housed at Fort Chaffee. The mess these illegals created at Fort Chaffee was the last straw for many Arkansans, and Clinton was tossed out of office in the 1980 election.

"Even to the best-intentioned social workers, the challenge sometimes is too much. They complain that help from Washington is often halfhearted. "I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal who wants to pick up all the pieces," says David Lewis, 38, a former Marine captain who is now director of migration and refugee services for the U.S. Catholic Conference. "But it's not fair for President Carter to bring them in and then say, 'Okay, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists—you take care of them.' If their honeymoon with relatives and sponsors ends in two weeks, where do they go? How about language and job training? How do we keep them from being a drain on the system?"


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Rand's position does make

Rand's position does make some sense given the current state of socialprograms. The real problem with immigration is not people coming here, It's coming here and stealing money in the form of social programs. If we cannot eliminate those programs overnight (I wish) then a good compromise could be securing the border until social programs can be eliminated...

Beware the cult of "government"...


I agree in theory. But the prospect of DC "securing" the border is a pretty big gamble.