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CNN Post-McRomney Show Interview with Ron Paul

After what CNN called a 'debate' - and what I call the McRomney Show, CNN interviewed Ron Paul. The reporter says they got a lot of emails from people wanting to see more of Ron Paul, so they broadcast this interview. Online. It is a great interview, but as far as I know, it only appeared online.

Thanks Travis for the video

Contact Anderson Cooper and let him know what you thought of last night's "debate." Also, post your ideas about how to do the end run around the old media...

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My letter to Anderson Cooper

Mr. Cooper,

I watched with growing rage as you hosted what was supposed to be a debate at the Reagan Presidential Library. What I saw made me wonder why Americans will cheat, lie, and steal against each other. You are an extremely poor example of an American citizen. You are taking actions in front of millions of people that show what a fraud you and your broadcasting company are. By being so biased as to ignore two presidential candidates who were sitting on a stage in front of you, you showed the world your dirty undies. By helping to create an air of a political system that is above the people you represent an ideal that the American people cannot decide for or think for themselves. This is untrue, and the public can absolutely decide for themselves what a poser you are. You cannot think for yourself or beyond your own little world of self-importance to see that you have a position to uphold integrity and honesty, and that many would laud you to do so. You are the one without the brain, unable to think for yourself. Stand up and do what's right.


Actually Ron Paul has no

Actually Ron Paul has no secret service protection. I saw an article about it a month ago (unless things have changed since then.) Basically 5 of the candidates don't hae SS protection, although they qualify for it.

Who is that with Ron Paul?

Who is that with Ron Paul? I"ve seen him before probably in other interviews. No offense, just wonderin'.

My mail to Cooper

"First of all, why have a "positive" and "negative" on the side here? Its feedback, you should not care what it is as long as you get it. Your handeling av det republican debate was not fair, even a norwegian could see that. Ron Paul was left out of the game, and I bet you have heard that alot in the last days. Why you think that is? Yes, caus it wasnt fair. It turned out to be the McRomney Show, even the director seemed to focus camera and cuts of the the two. Having worked with media and film for over ten years, I know the power of propaganda. This was propaganda, this was the "lets focus on these two"-message. You also got the McRomney Show to debate on silly issues, like who said what and when about the Iraq exit plan. Its pure mambojambo, it is grownups acting like children. The only person at that table wanting to discuss political issues was Ron Paul, but you never came back to him. Two minutes went, and we are still waiting. It was sad tv, the positive thing is that your hair looked good."

regards from a norwegian Ron Paul beliver...

My e-mail to Cooper's office

Anderson Cooper is a liar.

When Ron Paul tried to get in on the question about who best represented conservatism, Cooper cut him off and said, "I *promise* you will get a chance to answer that in about two minutes."

Two minutes came and went, and then some, but Cooper never made good on that promise. So I asked myself *why* he never came back to Paul on that question, and indeed why he never asked the question of Paul to begin with.

I quickly hit upon the answer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DPHDxMoieoQ

If you can't be bothered watching, that's the clip that FOX News removed from the re-broadcast of their January 10th debate. The question was on Paul's electability, and he proceeded to state the case for why *he* was the only candidate who represented the traditional Republican Party. This clip received over 9,000 thumbs-up votes at Digg.com before YouTube deleted it. I enjoy thumbing my nose at blatant political censorship, so I uploaded another copy, which I've linked above.

FOX News knew full well that Paul had embarrassed the other candidates, without being nasty, but by simply stating the irrefutable truth about the GOP and how far it has drifted from its roots. As the other candidates are firmly invested in toeing the new party line, they cannot agree with Paul, but logic and reason prevent them from disagreeing with him. So, FOX did its duty to the GOP and cut the embarrassing truth from their rebroadcast.

Likewise, I think CNN knew full well that if Paul were allowed to answer Cooper's question, the results would have been similar, and Paul would make fools of the other candidates by merely stating the truth again. But why should CNN care? FOX is one thing, but CNN is a left-leaning organization. Ah, but the left has endorsed McCain for the GOP ticket, because he spends half his time on their side of the aisle. So, CNN has as much to lose by letting Paul speak the truth as does the GOP establishment and their shills at FOX.

So, Cooper skipped Paul. Then Cooper shushed Paul. Then Cooper lied to Paul's face. And I for one am raging mad about it.

Liberty for Dummies

Here's my letter to Cooper

For years I have been a fan of yours, but after seeing your manipulating and unfair control of the Republican debate, I am no longer going to watch anything that you host.

I felt that the Republican debate turned into the McCain and Romney show, despite your repeated comments that you would give each candidate equal time. It was disgusting how you cut off Dr. Paul and said that you'd get back to him and then you never did. That is blatantly rude and discriminating behavior.

Several times you left Huckabee and Paul sitting there while your attention was focused on McCain and Romney only.

This kind of biased manipulation is unfair to the American public who are trying to decide who to vote for. We do not have EQUAL coverage of all the candidates despite your claim.

Your claim that you were going to give equal time to all the candidates is a farce and the public can no longer rely on you or your news organization to deliver NEWS. You are only delivering OPINIONS in the form of featuring only news about what you want to cover.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

This interview was terrible.

This interview was terrible. The interviewer was a clueless typical mainstream media clown. She asked how it was being out-raised in terms of $$$?? She commented on him dropping out, so the media can get their f***ing one on one McCain Romney headlines. This was terrible. Plus it's only online, AGAIN.

"Good morning, Mr. Greenspan. I understand that you did not take my friendly advice last fall. I thought maybe you should look for other employment, but I see you have kept your job."

"Good morning, Mr. Greenspan. I understand that you did not take my friendly advice last fall. I thought maybe you should look for other employment, but I see you have kept your job."

Looking strong!

He's looking good these days. I thought he performed well in the debates and even had a go at Romney and McCain which I think went over well with everyone. I'm 100% behind him.

Register as Republican and Vote for Ron Paul

Thanks CNN

You just nudged me into donating again to Ron Paul!

My Email To Anderson Cooper

"Anderson, You have always been my favorite news journalist, and I have very much enjoyed 360. I actually looked forward to last night's debate with you as the moderator. But after your performance last night, I regret to have to say that you have lost a viewer, permanently! The unfairness you showed Ron Paul and even Mike Huckabee, although less so, and the outright rudeness you displayed toward Congressman Paul, in cutting him off in mid sentence after only a few seconds of speaking, either shows your true lack of respect for those older and wiser than you, or your lack of backbone in not refusing to be bullied by the "powers that be". Either way, I am very disappointed in you, as an individual, a man, and a journalist. I thought you were one of the few left in your field with integrity. But I was wrong. Shame on you!"

Anderson Cooper removed my comment on his blog

I was very civil, and polite. I just said that it is the responsibility of the free press to report the news, not try to make it, and their blocking out Ron Paul, and Huckabee was tantamount to an endorsement of McCain and Romney as the only ones capable of winning. I also mentioned that Dr. Paul's candidacy has become a phenomenon of our times,, and as such deserved to be reported to the masses who rely on CNN for their news. I think I also said that even if their perception was that D. Paul and Huckleby couldn't win, as long as they are legitimate candidates, we have a right to hear them. I guess they didn't like me telling them that they had any responsibility at all. It's obvious that the blog is not intended to be fair and/or unbiased. This proves they have a sinister agenda!

"The US federal government is the only entity that can take a valuable commodity like paper, and make it valueless simply by applying ink"

"The US federal government is the only entity that can take a valuable commodity like paper, and make it valueless simply by applying ink"

If only

It is sad Ron isn't able to have this kind of time on the debates to get his message out!
This has me paradoxically as angry as delighted; Yes it is good that he is getting interviewed due to our sentiments being known. However It to pacify us more than anything while still keeping him out of msm!

block the entrance ways to the studios

maybe this is illegal, (anyone know?)

we should protest the msm by blocking their way into work.

nobody in the studio, nobody on air.

that'll get their attention.

Does it matter if it is illegal

as long as you accept the consequences?

CNN threw us a bone

It was a great interview by Ron Paul. If Ron Paul got as much free press as their "annointed ones", and gave him half as much time as this interview during the actual debate, we'd see the number of Ron Paul's support explode. CNN slapped me in the face and they want me to feel grateful.

www.godtube.com a site I like a lot does not have Paul listed

as being in their poll for president. Email them. I did. He is a christian, anti abortionist, freedom loving Doctor for goodness sakes. What could be better for them.


Those bastards only do this

to lessen the blowback. F!!! CNN

thank you for posting

I had not gotten to see this and I was very interested. Thank you for getting it on here.

Actually, Ron Paul did say that if FairTax hit his Presidential desk, he would sign it. But that is not what he advocates, of course. We all know what he advocates and to me, any true FairTaxer would simply jump on his bandwagon and abandon FairTax at this point since what he proposes is obviously feasible. I actually expected to hear that they had put FairTax on hold. Why haven't they? Any FairTaxers out there?? Besides me, that is.

This is a good introduction for Ron Paul - share it!

Thanks to those who called in and got this interview in response -- it does make up a little for not having more air time on the debate. Why squabble over whether it's the internet or the TV? Just use the information Ron Paul gives in this interview to GET THE ISSUES out there to as many people you know! Thanks very much for posting this politely-done interview!

I say thanks too,

But I think it was too late because people should've got a chance to hear what he had to say on television. I know too many people who don't and won't get on the internet and they are so upset with the government that they won't even listen to what I have to say. It's frustrating to say the least.I just emailed Anderson Cooper and gave him a piece of my mind. I told him I was just waiting for McCain and Romney to start pulling each others hair.

YEEEESSSSSSS!!! Self-generating!

That's the key.


government of the people, by the people, for the people

Anderson Cooper has 2 Last Names.

Anderson Cooper has two last names and Ron Paul has two first names you would think he would treat Ron Paul with some respect.

They're trying to box us into the internet


This is not on national TV. This an internet only report.
They know we've taken over here, so they're trying to contain us, yet placate us into not going after them.

They still need to be destroyed.

However, damn good answers RP. And the questions were surprisingly good for a change.

Get him on the TV, jerks!

This info babe is stupid.

This info babe is stupid. Never has Paul even supported the fair tax.

Whatever happened to show prep and fair coverage???

Nice zing on the short change comment.

Win Paul Win

As for the lovers spat, it is sad that that morning Romney had a pre-recorded interview for ABC and NBC to run at the same time. True MSM cloak.

Of course they didn't send their smartest

They didn't send their smartest person to interview Dr. Paul. He isn't worth it to CNN. She was probably an intern or something.



Put it on the Front Page!

That kid in the background


Obviously Secret Service

to protect our presidential candidate. Seems like they always look stone-faced and creepy!

My Thought

Guess I'm sorry now for askin' who he was (down yonder), looks to young to be secret service to me. He is actually payin' attention to every word the Dr. Paul is sayin'.