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Felony Friday: Man Tries To Throw Drug-Filled Football Into Prison Yard

In this edition of the “World’s Dumbest Criminals”, we examine the story of a Detroit man that is facing felony charges after being caught in the act of attempting to toss a football filled with drugs, cell phones, chargers, and other contraband into the yard of a state prison in Lansing, MI. The football ended up between two fences, the man ended up in jail.

USA Today reports:

A prison officer who was in the parking lot saw the man throw the football — which contained heroin, marijuana, tobacco, three cell phones and chargers — and he was apprehended at the scene.

“After observing the passenger exit the vehicle and throw the football, our officer ran towards the vehicle and drew his Taser and told the driver to stop, which he did,” said Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 32, is charged with crimes related to delivery of heroin and marijuana and smuggling cell phones to prisoners, Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka said Tuesday. Each is a five-year felony. A conference will be held Friday on how to proceed with the case. Moore has been arraigned but it was not clear whether he is free on bond.

“We take very seriously the security of our prisons and will prosecute any violations of contraband that occur,” Jarzynka said.

Corrections officers have complained it’s easier to throw contraband over prison fences after the department stopped manning gun towers and ended regular perimeter patrols at state prisons.

The prison guards appear to have kept the drugs stuffed into that football out of the prison, or maybe they removed them from the football and personally profited from selling the drugs to prisoners. Either way, the arrest of Mr. Moore may generate some nice headlines for the prison, but smuggling drugs jammed in a football are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sneaking illicit drugs into prisons.

Drug use is rampant in prisons across the country. A Washington Times article from 2010 notes that in California roughly 1,000 “drug incidents” are reported annually. These are categorized as seizures of marijuana, heroin, and other drugs. Also in the Golden State, forty-four inmates died of drug overdoses between the years 2006 and 2008.

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