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WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate needs DP's help to get him that "Money Push" through the primary.

Follow the Gavin Seim for Liberty page. Help take our country back. https://www.facebook.com/callmegav

Invite everyone. Donate online or by mail on June 20th. http://callmegav.com/donate


The primary is just 6 weeks away. Mail in ballots drop in just a few weeks. After months of campaigning. On August 5th it's time to make history -- No matter where you live, this Congressional seat and Gavin's vote will effect your liberty. Please join us and invite every patriot you know. We're taking on the machine and every dollar counts. You do not need to be in Washington State to contribute.

"I'm going to do more than just vote. I'm going to stand with Americans for their liberty -- I'm going to oppose corruption in our government and I'm going to be naming names" -- Gavin Seim

Gavin Seim's critical primary election is on Aug 5th, only about 6 weeks away. He has taken on the establishment with a fraction of their resources, yet they have not been able to silence the grassroots movement and the unstoppable conversation of liberty.

We need to keep the momentum going. We need your donations to show America that everyday concerned and aware citizens will not be silent. We can take back out congress 1 seat at time.

Support the grassroots constitutional candidate that challenged Doc Hastings and is taking the issues head on to fight for your liberty in DC.

Go toe to toe with tyranny. Stand with us and lets send one of our own to Congress.

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Bump it up for #WA4Liberty

We are at a critical point in this campaign and could really use the publicity. Pass it along and help us win tho one.