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Judge Nap: I Would Advise Obama "To Do Nothing About Iraq"

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If I were advising the president, I would advise him to do nothing about Iraq. But basically he's attempting to affect the outcome of ancient religious rivalries between the Shia, the Sunni and the Kurds. The very people shooting at Prime Minister Maliki are the people who ran the government in the Saddam Hussein era. I have never agreed with Joe Biden in my life, but in this respect, the Vice President, in my view, presents a very, very sound solution.

You have three competing forces that have been fighting each other for a thousand years. Give each of them the homeland they want and they will be at peace. The problem with Iraq came about when the British cobbled it together as one country even though it represents three vastly different cultures, Shia, Sunni and Kurd.

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Why did the caption read"

"Why Pres doesn't need approval from Congress for action in Iraq" when that was never mentioned during the interview? Was it to sway the pass-through viewer that Judge Nap was defending Obama's actions?

When did the judge's hair get brown?

Wasn't it very very grey before?

He decided to change his

He decided to change his image. His hair, which is obviously dyed, came along with his weight loss--the judge is trying to be more mainstream maybe! But, really, I wish he'd style his hair just a bit differently if he is trying to remake his image--he could use a part in his hair, lol!

The only current "national security" risk from Iraq

is a CIA/NATO false flag on American soil or in some other location that will "shock" the sheeple and scare them into blind compliance for more MIC spending, destruction, and death of brown people.

As many enemies as the USG has made on purpose in the middle east, none pose anywhere near the "threat" that our very own government poses to us.

I say "our" government...but clearly most people here and more people everyday everywhere else in our country no longer claim any alleigence to the USG. There is little doubt anymoe that dangerous criminals have positioned themselves in the highest offices of this land. They allow the banksters to loot the nation at will and have turned the entire planet into their own personal killing field :(

I always love the Judge! He's

I always love the Judge! He's been a great influence for me over the past 7 years. I think he's capable of doing something greater than being a Fox News commentator--not sure if he has the desire though.

I wish he was the Attorney General