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We have always known our “leaders” were scoundrels. But the Internet has thrown back the curtains. And we're pissed.

What is happening is the middle class in the USA and around the world is now more informed than it ever has been. The Internet has thrown back the curtains. Data is readily available for those who wish to find it. We have since the earliest days known that our “leaders” were scoundrels. But now we can see their lizard like ways first hand, in real time, and without official press interpreters. And we’re pissed.

We’re the ones who pay for these people to line their pockets and lodge themselves in the trappings of the court. Around the world the ruling classes do this on our dime. Many of the taxed class are done simply shrugging their shoulders and forking it over. In a world where customers matter more than ever before, citizen customers are demanding value for their money, or alternatively and perhaps preferably, a refund.

From Antiwar.com)

But it went beyond that. Continued the Times, Brat , is an “economics professor who campaigned on throwing corrupt Wall Street bankers in jail (and) railed against crony capitalism…” Further, “Mr. Cantor’s loss is much more than just symbolism. He has been one of Wall Street’s most reliable benefactors in Congress. And Mr. Brat used that fact to deride the majority leader as someone who had rigged the financial system. In one recent speech, he accused lawmakers like Mr. Cantor of favoring ‘special tax credits to billionaires instead of taking care of us, the normal folks.’”

Them’s fightin’ words, and they clearly disturbed the big financial bourgeoisie.



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Disinformation is spread by the guilty and their minions to weaken and cause confusion. The DP has been the flame that attracts many of them. They fear the truth and and try to subvert the will of the people. Our tax dollars pay those that would destroy us. I often wonder how Ron Paul has had the strength to persevere for so many years in our government cesspool of corruption. I wish I had his strength.


But the internet tells two different stories

Catch that series of political polarization charts at zerohedge? Right and left are growing, center is shrinking and right and left are moving farther apart. We both at both ends have a universe of material and no reason to cross the gap for info.

That means the only really effective info is that which can cross this growing gap. Otherwise we end up fighting the other 50%.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Where are the flummoxed? The flustered?

The discombobulated?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain