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Urgent Time to read this from HQ if you thik it's over on Super Tuesday!!!

Fight4liberty posted this as a comment, but I think it deserves to be posted as a Main Topic on the Forum.
Please try to understand the strategy here!!

Time to read this from HQ if you think it's over on Super Tues!
On January 31st, 2008 fight4liberty says:

If you're thinking that it is over if we don't do good on Super Tuesday then you don't know Ron's strategy for the brokered convention. There hasn't been a brokered convention since 1953 (?) I believe. The usual rules and importance of the early state primaries and caucauses don't apply.

Read this and rethink:


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What would happen if McCain

What would happen if McCain or Romney drop and endorse the other? Does that mean their delegates can be pooled to get the majority to avoid a brokered? How does it work?



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