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Can you imagine existence without humanity?

No, you can't. It is utterly impossible. Why? Can you elaborate on the importance of this concept?

Edit and update for a question that might actually get people to make attempts at answers: Can you imagine humanity without existence?: this question is just as important as the one above it!

*Update* The answer is: You are human. If you say that you can imagine existence without humanity, then you have denied the existence of your human self. It is impossible to make a human interpretation without a human--this is an absolute tautological truth and the importance of the realization is massive. If you "imagine" then you require, in no uncertain terms, a human--specifically, your self.

If you answer "yes" to the question in the title of the OP, then you are claiming that you are not human.

I'm trying to tell you how important you are!

If anyone is uncertain about this then I would be happy to further explain!

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Not knowing what existence would be

like for a non human, I cannot imagine existence without at least one human observer.

I can try to picture the earth from a birds eye view with all the animals and stuff, but inevitably that image is the world as it appears to the human observer, so that it is not a world without humanity. I don't know what the world looks like to a bird, or to a god.

Only if one assumes that the human impression of existence is an objective impression, not tainted by the subjective human perspective, could one argue that they can imagine the world without humanity.

I can of course contemplate the possibility that without humans, reality would continue on. But I would shudder at the thought.

Is that your riddle?

Reality cannot continue on

Reality cannot continue on without humanity, but I like your answer!

I'm getting at a pretty abstract concept which most people will not like, but in my opinion, what I am trying to say is something that could help people immensely.

Then why

not say what it is?

We can imagine what our solar system would be like if there had been more mass available, and a star ten times greater in mass than our sun had formed instead. We can use computer modeling, and observations of other stars, to refine our expectations about that hypothetical situation. In that scenario, we wouldn't exist.

Your move. :-)

No! We exist in all

No! We exist in all scenarios!


but no.

It sounds like you've struck upon

a gold vane of species-specific-solipsism.

Does that mean

a question that only humans would ask?

Ha! I have no clue what this

Ha! I have no clue what this means!

two thoughts

first people cause problems yes, but without people whats the point?

Second God made this whole world for People, so without people he would not have made the world. God made people to walk with him. And when we sinned and he could no longer walk with us he made a way through Jesus Christ for us to get back to walking with him. People are the point of planet earth and walking with God is the point of people.

I think this is the best

I think this is the best answer yet, but really, I didn't mean to invoke anything about religion or God.

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After seven years

of reading the depressing, chaotic, repressive, dismal, and often disgusting human generated events and news of the world posted here for that duration, it isn't impossible at all. In fact it's an everyday thought. Because it would undoubtedly be the ultimate utopia of peace freedom and tranquility.

Ahhh, what would I do with an entire planet to myself...

I know I'd be outside every day for starters.

You are decidedly and

Sounds like you took interest at the same time I did--about 7 years ago.

But you are decidedly and definitively wrong! I'll be happy to tell you why, but I want to wait for more answers :)

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There is no paradox here

that prevents it, if that is what you're getting at.

Wrong, you haven't thought it

Wrong, you haven't thought it through!

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Well, I guess

we'll wait for the big surprise at the end then.

And then debunk it. Lol

Right! But it's a "duh" sort

Right! But it's a "duh" sort of answer. I think I can guarantee the accuracy of it via basic logic, but if someone can prove me wrong I am open. I think I can take my line of reasoning to all that is known, so I doubt there will be a good argument against it! What I'm saying is based, largely, in its usefulness. :)

Was this your homework assignment?


LOL! NO! it's yours!

LOL! NO! it's yours!

I think I have an answer that I could write a book about. I'm interested to see if anyone here can understand exactly what I'm trying to get at!

Oh, so you're just gonna pick our brains, huh?


Are you thinking we create our own reality together?

I don't buy that theory.