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Cashless High Street in the UK Ditches Notes And Coins. (Video)

As part of a one day social experiment, all shops on a high street in Manchester will only accept cards for a day to test whether Britain's population could be gullible enough to allow a cash-free country where ALL transactions can be monitored and tracked.

May not be available in your country (But you can use VPN software such as TunnelBear to get around the censors if you wish).

Shoppers will find their cash is worthless in one Manchester suburb as only cards will be accepted by stores on the high street.

As part of a social experiment, shops along fashionable Beech Road in Chorlton will only take payments on plastic.

It comes as research shows people are increasingly using cards instead of notes and coins.

Many of the shops, bars and restaurants on the road are independently owned.

Mary Paul, of the Beech Road traders' association, said: "Businesses can see the way things are going with more money being taken on cards across the board, so this is a very interesting glimpse into the future for all of us."

This month the British Retail Consortium (BRC) revealed cash use has fallen by 14% in the last five years.

Card use is increasing rapidly, with debit cards currently being used for 32% of transactions compared to 30% last year.

Some experts predict physical currency will cease to exist within 20 years.

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I think this is like the

I think this is like the proclaimation that doing stuff eletronically would make paper obsolete.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.