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Nirvana bassist speaks to Reason

Krist Novoselic’s Alternative Politics
The Nirvana bassist on voting, farming, anarchism, heroin, and Kurt Cobain. (& Ron Paul)

Nick Gillespie from the August/September 2014 issue

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He's a joke...

He was a huge supporter of Dow Constantine for King County Executive, one of the biggest big government statists Seattle has to offer.

well, he's at least pointed in the right direction

he's on a plain. he can't complain. lol

Dunno about yall but my fave Nirvana songs were none of the popular ones.

"Very Ape"
"Drain You"
"Love Buzz"
Original "Polly"

were a few of my favourite Nirvana songs.

Love Buzz isn't Nirvana's....

...it's by Shocking Blue... the original is awesome and so are many of their other songs. I highly recommend.

i don't really care

I prefer Nirvana's version over this