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House passes DOD appropriations bill

Today, the House of Representatives voted 340-73 with 18 not voting, to pass the fiscal year 2015 Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

The bill provides for money to be appropriated to military personnel, operating and maintenance expenses, environmental restoration expenses, research and development, craft and ammunition among other items.

Although the appropriations bill has passed the House, it has not been voted on by the Senate yet. Until this bill has passed out of the Senate Committee and been passed on the Senate Floor, an accurate accounting cannot be taken.

read more at: http://thedailyfed.com/dod-appropriations-bill-passes-house-...

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SteveMT's picture

Amash and Walter Jones standing tall, voted Nay.

The list of 73 Patriots who voted Nay, and the list of 340 traitors who voted Yea is here.

Funny how they pass

Funny how they pass something, and then it is changed afterwards by the Senate. Endless ping pong back and forth.