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Liberty.me or my own domain?

So I would like get my own website up. I'm travelling abroad in search of a greater degree of freedom and a place to settle down, and I throw in libertarian discussion from time to time.

Creating my own website with my own domain would not be a problem, as I am a web developer by trade at the moment. But since liberty.me just launched recently, I'm wondering if I should take advantage of that ecosystem for publishing my content.

On the plus side, I wouldn't have to put a single thought into design, which would would be nice.

I'm somewhat concerned about joining the site ever since Jeffery Tucker threw his considerable clout into the wrong side of the ridiculous 'thick/thin' 'brutalist/humanitarian' debate. That being said, I probably shouldn't be too concerned with all of his personal beliefs when evaluating the platform.

The subscription rate is about the same as what I would pay for hosting my own site anyway, but at the same time I would be getting a subdomain on a blogging platform, which is free elsewhere. Is having .liberty after your subdomain worth paying for?

Another concern for me is the fact that all interaction seems to be behind a pay wall. Why aren't the social networking aspects of the site free? Why would I want to pay for the privilege of signing up for another libertarian echo chamber? I suppose its nice to be in a community with other content creators, but it just seems like the site is shooting itself in the foot by not opening itself up as a social media platform for the public.

Along the same lines, Tucker mentioned that the publishing site you get is a full Wordpress install, but I have yet to see any liberty.me sites with comments enabled for the public. Other content creators can comment, but no Disqus? No Facebook comments? Nothing? I suppose you could get your public comments by posting your content to Facebook or something like that, but it seems like a serious limitation to omit that completely for people wanting their own publishing site.

Anyway, those are some of my concerns. I do think it would be cool to be a part of liberty.me, but I'm having a tough time committing to it given the unnecessary limitations as I see them. What is you opinion of liberty.me? Anyone using it at the moment?

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The downside of publishing on

The downside of publishing on a subdomain to a domain owned by someone else is that if at some point in the future you decide to move your content elsewhere you will essentially lose all the inbound links (and resulting traffic) to your content that were built up over the years pointing to the subdomain. Liberty.me would retain those links & traffic. If your site becomes successful you could end up somewhat locked to liberty.me unless you don't mind giving up the inbound links + traffic and basically starting over.

Does Liberty.me give you the option to use your own domain in their system or must it be a subdomain of liberty.me?

Another downside of using a publishing platform is that you are limited to only what they provide. If you use your own domain on your own hosting account you can do whatever you want if it is within your abilities.

After a quick glance it does appear that Liberty.me is much more than a publishing platform, though. The publishing feature only seems to be a small part of what they offer. Seems they have online classes, an online library, ad free site services and a bunch more.


Use Liberty.me...

... it's a great site.

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