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Marco Rubio: Rand Paul Wrong on Iraq

By Greg Richter
22 Jun 2014 01:40 PM


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio parted ways with fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky over the use of American air power in Iraq, saying Paul was over the top in his characterization.

Paul wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Thursday that U.S. airstrikes would amount to America serving as "Iran's air force" if Iran commits ground troops to the battle against the terror group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has taken over large sections of northern Iraq in recent weeks.

"I think that's quite an exaggeration," Rubio said Sunday on "Face the Nation."

If the United States does nothing Iran still will be involved, Rubio said, and if Iran helps overthrow ISIS without American help, "You can rest assured that a future Iraqi government will be completely, 100 percent under the influence and in the pocket of Iran."


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Wha'? It's not about oil and gas, Marco?

"Our hope is a country that includes Kurds, Sunni, Shia, even Christians, an inclusive country for its future." -Rubio

Hey Marco, add "Jew" to that list and you've just described IRAN!

Exactly who is the "our" in Rubio's statement,

I wonder. Interesting quote.

Despite his clarification of

Despite his clarification of "the United States" a couple sentences prior, your question remains steadfastly profound and poignant. :D

Ron sure never got them

Ron sure never got them talking about him this much!

SteveMT's picture

Rubio said this last week at the Warmongers Anonymous meeting.

Rubio is one of the founding members of this organization, which is exclusively located in the sewer system of Washington, D.C.

Imperialist Dumbass

Also a GOP hack.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Marco is nuts, I don't see

Marco is nuts, I don't see how Iraq can be stopped from breaking up. The Kurds seem to want their own country. And the other groups hate each other. Most of the Middle East countries are left over relics of European Imperialism. Saddam was what held Iraq together, his iron fist.

Yes, the West created Iraq.

We forced three different groups of people into one. Maybe it's time to let it do the natural thing, and revert.

Iran is already the friend

of the Maliki gvt in Iraq...and you helped put him there Marco! And because of the war, based on lies, that YOU supported Mr. Rubio!