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Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics

Scientists have simulated time travel by using particles of light acting as quantum particles sent away and then brought back to their original space-time location. This is a huge step toward marrying two of the most irreconcilable theories in physics.


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Time is not a dimension, it is a function

Just because their math is pretty and internally consistent, doesn't mean it describes the universe we live in. Black holes don't exist either.

Magwan77 is right, it is an electric universe. The evidence for it mounts daily and with each new instrument they deploy, and Standard Model is so full of holes, I would be embarrassed to be working on it.

Our climate extremes are caused by the sun, and Electric Universe tells us why. Main Stream Science is still searching for dark matter and blaming humans for climate change, and apparently trying to go back in time. This is just another attempt to justify the Standard Model, and these scientists are misguided at best.

Stephen Crothers gave a presentation at the EU2014 conference that describes why black holes don't exist, and reveals why this paper is nonsense, for those who are interested.

Just open the box and see

This article is utter

This article is utter gibberish.

If you're still buying into the outdated flat-earth view of cosmology, you seriously need to get on board with the Electric Universe theory.

Cosmologists with their gravity-centric view on the universe got it wrong. Completely. All you see now are mathematicians trying to use mathematics to explain impossibilities within a broken theory. Einstein was wrong then, Hawkings is wrong now. There is no space-time. Time is not a vector within space, and you can no more travel "time" than you can travel any other abstract concept. There is no super-dense matter, no black holes, no thermal nuclear stars, no dark matter, etc etc.

Go to www.Thunderbolts.org or youtube "Project Thunderbolts" and start learning some real science about what space actually is and how it actually works.

sounds good

it promotes ground breaking research, free from all ties to academic, corporate, or governmental institutions.

The correct link is - http://www.thunderbolts.info


Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the correction.

I've been time traveling

all my life.. one second at a time.

I was always taught energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So if you put a photon in the past or future does that mean a photon from that time must simultaneously appear at the moment the other one time travelled? By that same logic.. if it were possible to send a human to another time, would the same amount of energy appear at the exact moment of the send?

Another question is if time travel were ever possible in the future would we not already see humans or is it that the future does not exist yet so only past time travel is possible? All of it gets very confusing. Personally, I don't think it will ever be possible.

-Matthew Good

I hate these articles -- I guess they're written for dummies

I hate these articles. They must be written for dummies, I suppose. Its a simulation, with no time travel even proposed, and yet the title suggests there is. Even worse, they reference Einstein's grandfather paradox, but that is a philosophical problem, not a physics problem. Let's see some calculations physicists are supposed to be solving to show this paradox. I've yet to see anything of the sort.

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