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So...whats up with Louisiana?

Maybe i'm just lost on this issue, but is there any new news about those provisional ballots being counted? The LAGOP website is not loading for me, and I cannot find any information about the status of the count.

Can anyone shed some updated sunlight on this? ;-)

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We still don't know who won.

What we DO know is that some of those "McCain" delegates never said they supported McCain. Apparently they weren't originally McCain supporters who fused with other candidates on the pro-life slate, it was the McCain slate that was the fusion. This was done to make it look like McCain got more delegates than Paul when in fact those people aren't committed to anyone.

Essentially - they SPAMMED the caucus. McCain had little or NO delegates up for election there.

His campaign finance report form Q4 shows he spent NO money here and that the only thing he did do was pay to be on the Feb 9th Primary ballot.

I heard not ONE TV or Radio AD nor so ANY signs or Print ads for McCain. There was NO McCain presence in Louisiana.

They FAKED the win.