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The war business is an ugly circulating cesspool of the most evil players

Even a cursory examination of war profiteering transnational corporations that make up the military industrial complex exposes the waste, graft and bribery committed by the Lockheeds, Boeings, General Electrics, Raytheons, Halliburtons, and the Exxon-Mobils actually gain from US blood for oil wars. William Hartung articulated the exponential growth at our expense of a select group of these companies in The Military-Industrial Complex Revisited: Shifting Patterns of Military Contracting in the Post-9/11 Period:

“Many of the same companies that benefited from increased Pentagon and war spending were top contractors for other security related agencies. For example, Lockheed Martin was not only the top contractor for the Pentagon, but it also ranked number one at the Department of Energy; number eight at the Department of Homeland Security (Boeing was number one); number two at the State Department; and number three at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Contracts let by these agencies were only a fraction of the levels awarded by the Pentagon, but they were significant nonetheless. For example, the Department of Homeland Security issued $13.4 billion in contracts in FY2008, NASA $15.9 billion, the State Department $5.5 billion, and the Department of Energy $24.6 billion.”The name of the game is theft. From absurdly overpriced equipment to constant change orders resulting from missing or stolen supplies that “justify” multiplying profit many times over, to sweetheart no-bid contracts, to the bribery of buying off corrupt politicians, to the generals prostituting to Congress for special war toys often enough not needed, to the retired generals becoming arms whores themselves, to products of inferior design that fail to promise on its hype – the war business is an ugly circulating cesspool of the most evil players.

The loss in life that US wars have caused is staggering enough. And considering that the outcome of both of the latest debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan is no different from the military defeat in Vietnam, America has nothing to show for itself except shame and disgrace, with ever rising costs in wasted lives, wasted dollars and immeasurable human hardship, suffering and pain. Yet America’s war drums are still beating as loud as ever, drumming up more wars to fight and lose in places like Ukraine, Syria and Iran, potentially fighting Russia and triggering World War III. Is there no limit to the misery and pain brought to every corner of the globe by the crumbling desperate American Empire led by a bunch of psychopaths bent on destroying the world?


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if you guys ever wondered about just how equally rabidly deluded

the Euro-trash WarWHOREs are, check out their NATO-centric war-weapon porn channel, Defense Web TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbu5IJxGyw1HZ_d-V8MhXgg/videos

On a related note, I've always found this little Euro State-craft factoid hilarious: while 'our' Ruling Class-tards are evil, evil, evil, they've yet to harness the pomp and circumstances of the Euro Ruling Class-trash scripted redcarpet 'arrival' sequences; even they (the NWO Amerikan lackeys) are not as dumb enough to try that here in Amerika...well, at least not yet anyway (I don't mean the POTUS ones, or designated military parades, etc. Mean more along the lines of typical state-to-state actor meet. But, suppose at this rate though, give Amerika some 5 or so years, they'll out-do the Europeans...with twerking added and all...LOL), and not in the same way; The Axis, together at last!! Nope, not Nazi jamobree-esque at all! xD

Germany: Merkel welcomes Japanese PM Abe to Berlin

Published on Apr 30, 2014

Well, can't find the one I'm looking for, but it was another Angela Merkel arrival scene at G20/8/7 or something: they actually had motion-controlled crane cam, starting with top mastershot/establishment-POV shot, then moves in, switch to zoom cam, handshake, linger, then move out, as if it was meant to be like some "Right Stuff" 'Hero's March' slo-mo sequence...for EVERY motorcade/limo arrival, and exit!

It's F'ng hilarious watching these deluded self-important a-hole nobodies, make an entire sequence of it, to make themselves seem grand!

Insanity; just imagine, if you added a Pope-mobile motorcade sequence to all the Halloween dress up with these two seated generational degenerates: http://www.dailypaul.com/321147/how-bizarre-does-this-look-n...

LOL...er...wait: they already did, and still do. never mind xD

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul