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Ron Paul in Seattle 01/31/08

Okay I just got back from seeing the good Doctor. We had a good turnout although I think it could have been better. At least post-Paul activities could have been better. A few groups were giving and selling Ron Paul gear and info. But again, if I/we had been better prepared we could have created a significantly more robust ripple effect. So this post is for thoughs of you that have a date with Doctor Paul in your area prior to Super Tuesday. I'm talking to you Spokane.

Get your Tyvek out and get on them Revolution signs and give as many of them out as you can after Dr. Pauls speech. I had a few left so i gave them out but I definately could have given more away.

Also, information that you can't get from a slim jim. Builderburg, CFR, Federal Reserve.... You know the back story that noone can talk about out loud in public. Even a list of URLs that people can follow to aid in their own research would be/have been useful.

In addition to that i ran into some really concerned Global Warming constituants and of course my answer to them was "Who would be better at dealing with the Global Warming issue. The Government? That we've seen time and time again inflicting negative effect in the name moral obligation. Or, the people such as yourselves that already has an organization looking at the problem. Is there any reason an NGO could not/should not be the ones to take charge on this matter?" She said she had heard similar responses before and thats good. But the thing to keep in mind here is that, that is a likely would be Obama supporter that is trying to come to some kind of resolve.

Oh yeah, one more thing I just remembered. BRING A MEGAPHONE!!!

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Go Ron GO!

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