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Update week one no grain.

So in my first week I have lost 7 pounds eating no grains and almost everything else. I have not worked out this week at all the withdrawal has not allowed it but I intend to start weightlifting for weight loss this week (an uncle lost a lot of weight that way).

whoever posted that I would feel withdrawal symptoms thank you for the heads up. if you are thinking of cutting grains too I recommend reading http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2013/09/surviving-wheat-withdr... to prepare yourself for the first week.

The worst symptom of the withdrawal was light headedness, Thursday I almost passed out, I had to go buy some Hershey chocolate bars to help with the light headedness, and it felt like my spleen was cleaning itself out. Also monday it felt like either my liver or gall bladder was cleaning itself out too and it was a lot more painful than the spleen.

I have had two annoying symptoms a random light headache and constipation it could be worse though some people get diarrhea after they cut out grains. Also randomly a joint will hurt.

I bring this up because I have tried fasting before (I have gotten to five days) and I thought lightheadedness was a symptom of the fasting I did not realize it was a symptom of detoxing from cutting off grains. In fact this week every pain I felt fasting (except for the hunger pangs) I felt cutting off grains and that makes me very grateful that I decided to cut them off when I did.

Thank you for your help and encouragement as I continue this journey.

Over the years I have heard about how white flour has no nutrients because of how they process it. The whole grain flour is often times white flour with some additives to make it "whole grain". Then I started noticing that Atkins, and several other diets cuts grains out completely. At first I thought Atkins worked because of what they said (and maybe thats why it works so fast) but after noticing several diets completely gets rid of grain it dawned on me that must be why it works. Then someone posted on here that grain is actually bad for you because of the lectins.

So I put all this together. Flour the stuff most grain products are made from has no nutritional value, it makes you fat (and I am fat) and it in fact makes you sick because of the lectins. I finally decided to get grains out of my diet.

Heres the thing, as an american grains are a pretty big part of the diet. I mean we are trained to have bread with everything, from sandwich to hamburger to hotdog, to pizza. to donut. This means no more cracker, pancake, or popcorn. No more toast with the eggs, and no more biscuits.

So I was wondering if anybody would post what you like to eat instead of this junk. I am plenty good with cooking for myself. But I am a little overwhelmed by how much grain has been part of my life and now I am getting it out as best as I can.

Personally its been years since I drank a soda, and I have already stopped eating most fried foods, so for me its simply easier to stop eating something and come back later and add good foods than the other way around. I need to subtract before I can add.


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Great cookbooks with many grain-free recipes

This was created by the authors of Protein Power: The Low-Carb Comfort Food Cookbook

This is a whole series of Low-Carb cookbooks by Dana Carpender that have many, many grain-free recipes.

Most of these recipes substitute almond flour (ground almonds) or protein powders for grain flours.

If you're going low-carb, you also want to avoid the "gluten free" flour substitutes that are made from rice, ground chickpeas, etc. They're very high-carb.

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rice and chickpeas are also grain so I am avoiding it. Surprisingly enough for my mother corn is not a vegetable it is a grain.

I dont know if its right to say what I am doing is low carb (although it is) because my only goal is to not eat grain, so I end up not eating bread, pasta, pizza, donuts, or any other baked good. This pretty much means I cant eat out most places. I do eat potatoes still. I did buy a rotisary chicken today, first time I ate out all week.

Unfortunately corn syrup is in everything so some of that is making it into my diet but not much.


is a grain that many have trouble with. It can be really bad news. We noticed that ants will not eat corn syrup. Make of that what you will. Personally I avoid all corn products like the plague. The way I look at it, everything that corn is an ingredient in, I don't want.

How do you

avoid corn syrup? I mean its in almost all condiments, except for hunts ketchup. My uncle talked me into getting some protean bars and its in all of them. I mean unless you are making everything from scratch corn syrup appears to be in everything.

First off, stay away from

First off, stay away from those crap protein bars. Corn syrup isn't the only bad ingredient in those. The key is to eat real food. Those silly protein bars are not real food. I get LaraBars and Kit Bars made of nuts and dried fruit for a snack on the go.

Annie's Organic ketchup and mustards do not contain corn syrup or any other grain products. Same with Organic Ville mustards. Nobody should drink sodas at all, but there are brands that have cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Make your own mayonnaise. Those ones at the store have canola oil, soy and other nasties in them. You can find hot sauces that are clean.

For salads, drizzle on some olive oil and apple cider vinegar. You do not want store bought dressings.

my uncle

talked me into protein bars, so I am going to try to see if they help with weightloss right now, but I dont care for them so I will ditch them sooner or later.

Havent drank soda in years so thankfully I am able to stay away from it, and I also dont use salad dressing, I dont care for salad. But yeah I am modifying my diet to be healthier.

Those bars contain corn

Those bars contain corn syrup, soy, wheat etc. Doubtful they will help you lose weight or get healthy. Sorry to be a buzz kill, but they are frankenfood dressed up as something healthful.



Chocolate, Wheat Free Toaster Waffles with Maple Syrup, and Rice

I gave up corn, first. The hardest part was continually finding it was in more unexpected things (like honey mustard dressing, and some kinds of pickles).

Then I gave up wheat and the withdrawal cravings were CRAZY. I had NO IDEA I was addicted to wheat, having eaten it several times a day all my life.

I fed the cravings with chocolate, wheat free toaster waffles with real maple syrup (no corn syrup), and rice or potatoes. After about three weeks, I was in Trader Joe's and realized I didn't really want these substitutes any more--apparently, they weren't, in themselves, addictive, and the wheat cravings had ended. My craving for sugar was greatly reduced, too.

The waffles had a bit of corn in them, but were worth it to get over the addiction to wheat. I also learned that the phlegm and slight perpetual nasal congestion was apparently caused by wheat (an immune response to the gluten, most likely), as now I only get it when I've had some wheat (hard to resist fresh homemade bread).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I am not looking forward

to the papa johns pizza craving hitting me.

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This is similar to cutitng out Fox CNN MSNBC

At first you want to have a little watch and you end up upset. Just like leaving grains you want to do the same thing. Before you know it you live life without both mega media and grains!

This is how The Judge and Tom Woods got slim too!

I do eat grains but only after i feel my body has been run into the ground from being active. I always opt for good grains too, not gmo stuff.

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Mediterranean diet

Hi wraith,

I've been following a Mediterranean diet very closely for the last 3 months or so. I have lost just over 20 pounds since April 1st and feel great.

The books I use for guidance are:

The "Mediterranean Prescription" and "The Omega Diet". The 2 week weight-loss stage in the Mediterranean Prescription is centered primarily around fish, chicken and veggies. Even though these books sanction grains, I just ignore the bread and cook the recipes with meat, vegetables, etc.

In addition to these books, there's a great app for iphone called "LoseIt", on which you log all of your food consumption and exercise. It is a great app, because you set your goals and track your progress.

The other thing that has helped me lose weight is eating several smaller meals per day, rather than 3 huge meals. Doing this curbs your appetite at meal time.

You just need to find a recipe book that you like and you will enjoy eating healthier. Best of luck!

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I haven't read all the responses yet

but I wanted to make a quick reply. I am working my way toward
this goal, too, and this is a tough nut to crack. Even if a
product is not primarily a carb, wheat and corn products are
incorporated into almost everything!

When I want a sandwich, but don't want the "Bread", I use Cos (Romain)
lettuce as a substitute for the bread. Buying bigger heads of Cos
allows larger (wider and longer) "sandwiches".

I make literal layered sandwiches and wraps this way, and I first
got this idea from Hardee's Restaurants, which, in my area serves
a "low carb" burger! All the veggie carbs, no bread, wrapped in
large lettuce leaves. Cheers!

This is Summer, a great time to take advantage

of low prices of all kinds of LETTUCE. First let me say that lettuce takes only about one month to grow to maturity in your garden, and it is very easy to grow indoors in a simple grow box for no more than $20 setup and you will have lettuce all year round.

Approaching summer is/was a good time to fast for a few days and/or change diet. Add healthful foods first so the garbage will not be desired as often.

I have brought salads up to the next level in my own diet. I add lettuce to my smoothies in the morning and include some arugula and dandelions I find on the lawn; often I have eggs in the morning and would sautee' a good portion of lettuce with dandelions in coconut oil, chopped small tomato, shallot or small onion, slice of bacon (cooked first before everything), salt & pepper; scramble eggs on the side then add to mix just before serving, or make eggs up or over and serve on the side - no bread or one slice of bakery made.

Use lettuce where you would use Spinach, with chicken and mushrooms, or anything you like. Lettuce is very forgiving, goes with anything and has not a powerful flavor that Spinach has so you can add it to almost anything.

Raw lettuce is best, especially in Fruit & Lettuce salads. With a bowl full of fresh lettuce I add strawberries, peach, banana, avocado, walnuts, olive oil and plenty Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (the fruit brightens up the Vinegar). I keep forgetting to add Chia seeds to my salads but this is an excellent addition to your diet also because it is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which most are deficient in; I do add it religiously to my smoothies however.

I have noticed that Lettuce eaten often is a great hydrater that does not run right through you, so it's a slow release that keeps you hydrated longer. Importantly for weight watchers, a complex salad will keep you feeling well fed for hours yet is 95% water.

Nuff said. Find room in your life to eat Lettuce as often as you can. If your motive is to lose weight, then I would not hesitate to stop intake of Refined Sugar and Refined Salt and any/all Processed food. Replace sugar with either Xylitol or Stevia and refined salt with Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. Anytime you are hungry eat fruits or veggies and you will drop weight at an unbelievable rate.

Beyond Lettuce I would go to powdered superfoods you can find on Amazon. Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Cacao, Kelp, gelatinized Maca are powders that will increase Energy like nothing else. Add to smoothies with bananas and other fruits and lettuce/dandelions, parsley, nuts, xylitol and Water and you will get instant energy with extremely high Alkalinity that eradicates disease. To your health, ciao.

Good luck.

Instead of lettuce, I like Swiss Chard better...

It ranks slightly behind Spinach as one of the healthiest vegetables, but is much easier to grow than spinach. My gardens are jumping right now with Swiss Chard. I love Spinach too, but it goes to seed once the June heat hits.

You can get the Rainbow variety that has the colorful stalks. It's like having a flower garden in your garden. Mypatriotsupply.com has vacuum sealed/resealable packets for $1.50 and you can choose 1st class shipping for cheap postage...


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My wife has Celiac disease so

My wife has Celiac disease so our family is strictly Paleo. We just got an amazing cook book. The author has a blog and posts free recipes as well. Go to againstallgrain.com There are other cookbooks on the market as well, but out of the 5 or 6 we have, this one seems to produce the best tasting meals.

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I eat homemade hamburgers,

I eat homemade hamburgers, steaks, raw broccoli, grapefruits, lots of raw or minimally cooked veggies and fruit. Banana's etc. I have eliminated 99% of "bread" from my diet, and I used to be a huge bread eater. The book that got to me was called "Wheat Belly" and I actually spotted to the left on the DP Book section. According to the guy who wrote the book, one piece of "whole grain bread" makes your blood sugar level higher than eating 1 candy bar! I've felt so much better in that time, if you feel "bloated" or whatever you want to call it, eliminating bread will cure you. Also if possible eat something "alive" Meaning like raw milk, or non hydrogenated yogurt, something with pro-biotics, good germs. And I still drink beer, and am hardly ever sick. Boot the bread, watch the sugar, and just avoid anything in a bag, or a box, or something that your great grandparents wouldn't recognize as "food" and you've won half the battle

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and how the medical profession knows it is bad for us.


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rice, potatoes, beans, all

rice, potatoes, beans, all veggies, plenty of fruit and leafy greens. make the potatos rice, beans, and make these the meat of your meal, the starches. etc... eliminate all overt (added) oils. Don't fry with hardly any if any at all oil. no dairy no eggs, very little meat each week. Eat as much as you want spice it to your hearts desire. you will become much more healthy, lose weight.. and feel great.

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When you

use cannabis in your diet regularly it helps regulate weight too. Do it, never forget it is mind, body, and spirit!

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

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Whats so hard

Get the heart rate up to 160bpm 3x a week in any way shape or form( swim bike run climb) and eat healthy food. You need to develop a hatred for food that makes you sick wheats and sugars. :) an active life style is alot more fun that being a couch surfer anyways.

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

Rice can make amazing meals

If you want to cut the gluten out of your diet, start looking into Asian cooking with Rice. There are 1000's of ways to prepare healthy meals with rice.

Long Grain & brown Rice is better for you than white rice.


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It all gets very confusing. I mean, we KNOW what's bad for you

...candy, sugar, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, white rice, white bread, nitrites and nitrites in cured meats etc.

But there was a time (and I studied nutrition in college) when I thought whole grains were GOOD for you due to the vitamin and fiber content and that meat was not that great.

Now, everything has been turned on its head, and the issue of what we're really supposed to eat is more confusing than ever.

It has been said that dairy products clog up your arteries and raise cholesterol.

For the most part I think common sense should rule the day.

The more processed the product, the worse it is for you I would say.

A few highly nutritive foods which I believe are great for our health are:
Blueberries, raw almonds, avacados, apples, lemons, coconuts, tomatoes, walnuts, sardines, sea salt, olives, grapes, pecans, cucumbers, curry, beans, radishes, grapefruit, salmon and my NUMBER ONE miracle health food; FRESH (raw) JALEPENO PEPPERS!

Jalepenos are chock full of vitamin C and other properties which ward off colds and illnesses if consumed weekly - if not daily.

I have not had a cold (or any sickness of any consequence) since I started eating raw jalepeno peppers consistently over 3 years ago!

They are also aparently a powerful anti-cancer food.

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Love jalepenos...

But Habanero peppers can literally cure cancer...well...the capsaicin in them can.


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Congrats! I have followed

Congrats! I have followed Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint for a while now which also stresses avoiding grains. After a month in I noticed that I no longer needed antacids. I never imagined that it was flour, sugar and vegetable oils causing my terrible heartburn and post meal lethargy not the fatty foods and coffee.

Here is a link to a lot of really good recipes;

When eating at work it gets a bit harder. Restaraunts are pretty easy but fast food is tricky. A lot of places have good salads but often sugar is hidden in the dressings so I choose Ranch. Avoid the "low fat" dressings because they compensate the lack of taste with sugar.

We go to the movies a lot and I smuggle in a container of cashews or sunflower seeds to avoid the popcorn.

Lately for lunch, instead of the local fast food place I stop by the supermarket and grab a small bag of lettuce and have a few toppings and dressing stored at the office. You can make several gigantic salads throughout the week for the cost of one fast food or restaraunt meal.

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job well done that guy gave my dad guidance.

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

Spelt Bread

Google Spelt.

Live in Liberty
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Since December 28th, 2013...

I have lost 40+ pounds on this "oprah" diet.

Its my third go around with "atkins" since 2002. I lost 60 the first time and 30 the second. On my way to losing 50 now and never felt better at 56 years old.

What do you want to know?

Yes, it comes back just as quick as it goes off if you go back to your old lifestyle. In your old lifestyle you ate bread. All the time. In everything. Generically modified bread. A lot of it. You get my drift. In your old lifestyle you ate sweets. A lot of it...you know what I mean. You ate potatoes. Every which way.

This new lifestyle means you eat none of those. NONE. EVER. But you eat just as much as you want of the "right" foods.

Wings. Daytona Style from Hooters or so awesome! Anything from Buffalo Wild Wings is perfect. Two beers, lol, but the beers only once a week. Burgers without the buns (homemade preferred). Add tomatoes, onions, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, add anything but bread. Anything hamburger, cheeseburger steaks, meat loaf. GREEN BEANS. LOADED PIZZA (don't eat the bread). Eat a whole, loaded pizza and you'll be full. Trust me. No crust! Chili Dogs! No buns. Eat 6. You'll be full. Salads galore! Load 'em up! No soup. No breads/crumbs on your salad but all the bacon bits you want. Breakfast? Perfect for you. Eat 4 cheesy scrambled eggs, six pieces of sausage or bacon or BOTH. Drink some low carb milk, you deserved it. Make humongous BLT&Cheese wrapped in perfect lettuce. Eat 2!
Any kind of sliced meats and cheeses. I don't give up cheeses. In fact, I eat a LOT of cheeses. No other dairy! Atkins sells "milk" shakes and some other low carb is in the dairy. No regular milk or chocolate milk. Eat ALL the bacon, Steaks, Brats onions peppers...you don't HAVE to ever be hungry!

The good news? After a week or so you won't be hungry anymore.
After 3 weeks you notice a little bit smaller face in yourself. After 6 weeks you notice your stomach is smaller. After 9-12 weeks you've lost 30 pounds (if you've got it too lose). I've gone from 255 to 215 on my way to 205 so, in my case, that's the weight off ratio. Someone here smarter than me already told you the scientific way that it works and part of not "feeling" hungry is part of that process.

The bad news? Cravings. Basically, 3 cravings. Breads, potatoes, chocolates.
The GREAT news? Atkins sells candy "clones" and they are a LIFESAVER! Reeses clones (so awesome! eat them cold so they "snap" when you bite them), Peanut M&M clones, Payday clones, Baby Ruth clones...ALL low carb. Walmart is the cheapest place to get them in the pharmacy section. The breads? You gotta be STRONG and swear off that CRAP! Eat that LOADED Pizza with NO bread. Eat that LOADED Subway sandwich...LOADED...without the bread. I have the fattest miniature pincher in the county!
Dessert? Skip it for awhile. Believe me, it looks better on that plate than it does on our gut.

What else can I tell you?

No diet soda can hurt your weight losing. They will kill you in other ways but not in the weight department. I drink more of them than I should and the atkins shakes help. Also, diet lipton green tea is great. Old fashioned water is the most perfect thing to drink but we are conditioned against that.

You are spending money here. But it is still food money but on different food. Atkins has GREAT breakfast sandwiches. 4 carbs each. You count carbs, you lose weight. Good other things, too.

The Phases. Atkins prefers 4 Phases. If you are having a hard time you can follow that. If your will power is strong enough there is only ONE phase. Phase 1. 9-12 weeks. Its not a life sentence. You'll love yourself for it. I've been on Phase 1 the whole time but here is what I do. No cheating for 9-12 weeks. Between 12 and 18 weeks I added pineapple chunks and bananas but that is part of a long term life style change that I only "got" the 2nd or this time. You can do that earlier. About the 18th week I took a whole day where I ate ANYTHING/EVERYTHING I wanted to. Did it in May for my son's 16th birthday dinner/cake/ice cream. I did it again in June as a reward and will pick one day a month (until I reach my goal) where I will give myself that reward.

Also, at some point of your feeling really good about yourself, you will want to get back into the game. I ENCOURAGE that. Exercise. Some how, some way. Take up a sport. I golf and play basketball with my son. Also, always remember this, exercise will be REQUIRED to get that last 10 pounds off of an atkins diet.

Good luck! You have to get your "head" right if you know what I mean.
You CAN do it.
Its not a life sentence but you want it to be.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Great move

If you can make it threw the detox phase , all they do is spike your blood sugar , which over time destroys your body , with your teeth usually going first , if you don't have proper plant derived and animal derived vitamins, animal bones soups , chicken ,fish , beef cooked in soups , the whole body of the fish and chicken , beef soups cooked with the bones, grass fed beef and butter , good yogurts , no fried foods , organic fruits and vegetables , limit starchy veggies like potatoes , sweet potatoes can be eaten instead , listen to doctor wallach on YouTube can be a great start, check out dr wallach " dead doctors don't lie" on YouTube


Grains are not bad for 95% of people.

Gluten is not bad for 95% of people. They should be eaten in moderation like any other food. You should be thankful that you live in a place where you have a choice, because that's all it is for most people. If not for our advancements in farming grains in the U.S., millions of people would die every year around the world due to starvation. Don't believe the hype about gluten and carbs.