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Grassroots moneybomb for Justin Amash on Friday July 18th (Today!)

Justin Amash has fought for us on important issues, challenging the status quo in Washington and defending the Constitution. He is lauded as one of the harshest congressional critics of the NSA’s domestic spying programs, and has sponsored legislation to eliminate policies that contribute to risky lending and distorted markets.

The attack ads have begun, making allegations that FactCheck.org immediately labeled “misleading.”

The establishment is piling on, with the Michigan GOP essentially turning its back on Justin’s campaign.

His opponent’s website has much more to say about how Justin’s votes are “strange” than anything substantial about what Brian Ellis would do differently.



On July 18, 2014, we are hosting a moneybomb. We have one chance to keep Justin Amash in office, and continue filling Congressional seats with people who will uphold their oath to the Constitution. By donating whatever we can to help his campaign, we will show the establishment just how strong the desire for liberty is.

All donations should be made at the official Justin Amash for Congress website:



Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/710011762367977/

MoneyBomb Webpage: http://justinamashmoneybomb.com/

“But let it not be said we did nothing.” – Ron Paul

Now that you have committed to helping keep Justin Amash in Congress, what else can be done?

+ Share the July 18th Money Bomb information with friends and family.
+ Vote up comments that support Justin Amash and other liberty candidates wherever you encounter them.
+ Change your avatar to help promote the Money Bomb.
+ Arm yourself with facts regarding Rep. Amash and his hard work in Congress.
+ Pledge to donate, and keep your pledge!

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Last chance bump

Let's get him over $25K

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

I wish the donation process

I wish the donation process would give a donor IMMEDIATE feedback if the process was completed. I donated, but I stopped at the volunteer page. Was my donation accepted? I don't know. Until I check my e-mail, I'm assuming it was ...

Donate to Justin today!

Go Justin!!

We will not retreat an inch!

1 hour left!

$22,244.25 raised so far


Anybody else in today?

The crony corporatists, neoconservative chicken-hawks and a variety of big government RINOs are supporting Amash's Primary opponent. Amash is in the lead, but let's hope that he doesn't come up short due to lack of funds. Every little bit helps.

Check out these Scoop Jackson loving, big government, chicken hawks who oppose Justin:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs Amash challenger

Todd Spangler
Jul. 17, 2014

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Justin Amash of west Michigan may have a national reputation as a libertarian lawmaker, but he’s making some pretty powerful enemies back at home.

In the past week, both the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce and Right to Life of Michigan’s political action committees — the latter representing one of the most powerful Republican-leaning groups in the state — have endorsed Amash’s GOP opponent, businessman Brian Ellis.

Today, the Free Press learned first that the state Chamber of Commerce — representing businesses across Michigan — was endorsing Ellis as well, a rare rebuke of a sitting Republican congressman.

“Our decision primarily speaks to the strength of the challenger and our belief that he is a principled conservative who will be a pragmatic problem solver,” said Richard Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber. “We believe Brian will be a more effective member of Congress than the incumbent.”


Just donated to Amash!

I just donated.


Justin Amash for Congress Donation Receipt
DATE Jul 18 2014

Online money bomb for Justin this Friday

Posted by Justin Amash for Congress 5sc on July 17, 2014

We're less than three weeks away from the August 5 primary, and Justin's establishment opponent is trying every trick in the book to deceive voters. It's gotten so bad that the National Journal labeled this race "the ugliest House primary of the cycle."

Yesterday, we found out that Brian Ellis has dumped more than $800,000 of his own money into the race -- and his fundraising numbers were buoyed by an additional $60,000 of lobbyist and D.C. special-interest money.

Now the U.S. Chamber is coming out against us. Moments ago, Big Business's lobby announced that they'll help fund Ellis's smear campaign. Justin is the top opponent of their No. 1 agenda item: reauthorizing the Ex-Im corporate welfare bank.

All the data show that we're in a good position, but it is an absolute necessity that we raise money to combat the coming wave of attack ads.

Thankfully, our grassroots supporters have recognized this need and are organizing an online money bomb this Friday, July 18. This will be a 24-hour push to raise as much money as possible for Justin's campaign.

The money bomb will take place at www.justinamash.com.

You'll see more information from the campaign soon, but I wanted to give you a quick notice about Friday's money bomb so you can participate.

In liberty,

Connie Lemmink
Justin Amash for Congress

P.S. If you won't be around a computer on Friday but want to help, you can make an advance donation today to make sure your support gets counted in the overall total.


New moneybomb video

Moneybomb is today!

Justin's got the ticker up already, $3,145.00 as of 1:27 am ET.


Reminder, moneybomb is tomorrow, Friday

Also, the US Chamber of Commerce just endorsed Justin's opponent. The Chamber spends A LOT on tv ads for their endorsed candidate.

Please help make sure Justin has the funds necessary to counter any attacks.

Amash money-bomb

Count me in. He's one of the good ones.


I'll donate again.



if you can't donate...

give it an upvote at least to help get the word out.

We cannot let this Ellis scum win!