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"Very Imminent" Glenn Greenwald Leak Still Not Posted 2 Days Later

A June 18th article ("How Secret Partners Expand NSA’s Surveillance Dragnet") by someone named Ryan Gallagher is the most recent posting.

I'm not saying or implying that this means anything about the validity fo Greenwald btw. It just seemed weird to me that Greenwald said "very imminent" as opposed to just "imminent". Now it's 2 days later and still nothing released.


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I'm glad he's waiting. As

I'm glad he's waiting. As soon as he announced what he was going to release (the names), a LOT of media news happened for the week following that. There are major forces trying to distract the public from hearing what he has to reveal I believe. He's doing the right thing. He knows there's a lot of money going to the mainstream media. Even if he were to reveal some names, the media may not even report it (unless there are individuals in the media itself who got targeted along with politicians, famous individuals, etc). He's waiting for the right moment to drop the bombshell.

In Glenn's recent Faux News interview

It was mentioned that there are political, media, famous, etc. who were targeted, and also that there are filmed interviews with some who were targeted. All I know, it better be worth the wait and the hype.

It is going to be soon

It is going to be soon relative to the time it has been since this whole thing started. It has been a year and a half or so. could be 3 days could be a few weeks but it is definitely gooing to be here. I'll leave all that decision making to the journalists who risk their livelyhoods to bring us this information. And I am greatful

Well we all know one thing

Ron Paul and Rand Paul will be on that list. Along with thousands of its supporters. That is a guarantee.

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I'm waiting to find my name

I'm waiting to find my name on that list...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Jesus over the state, hell

Jesus over the state, hell yeah you are on there.

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I have been waiting

all month to read this upcoming report. I am thrilled that he will name names. I hope it includes the highest ranking officials. I hope they are incensed, and will take retribution on the NSA.