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How much has Ron Paul spent so far?

I talk politics at coffee break with one of the guys I work with. Out of the 14 guys I work with, me and him are the only political junkies. He is not a Ron Paul supporter, yet. He brought up something yesterday that I could not answer. He asked me if I thought that there was a possibility that Ron Paul could take all the money hes made so far and keep it. I know that Ron Paul has a good strategy, but I live in a Super Tuesday state(NJ), and have not seen commercials here. Can someone please post the states Ron Paul currently has ads running in, and how much money he has spent so far?

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Why are you people commenting on this?

This post is LIBELOUS against RP essentially saying he is a thief.

I you don't have enough backbone to 'flag' then at least STOP COMMENTING...let this lazy fool do his own research!!!!!!!



I remember reading or hearing a couple weeks back

that the campaign plans on spending all of the money they have left for Super Tuesday. One of RP's campaign staff(I think Jesse,not sure) said that that was their plan. As of Jan.1st, they had spent $12 million in the 4th quarter. That is the amount they asked for as a goal for that date. That leaves the extra $8 million raised in that quarter,plus the $4 million raised to date. Going by that plan, they hope to do well on the 5th, and by doing well get more supporters and more funds to keep the campaign going until the end of the primaries or the convention.

I will try to find the article or audio that I heard it from. I believe it was a radio interview on RonPaulRadio about two weeks ago.

If you're worried about integrity...don't be

Dr. Paul is the same man that GIVES back his congressional money at the end of the year and also is not taking any of the LUCRATIVE congressional pension.

This campaign has been very FRUGAL....they don't stay at luxury hotels, don't eat at fancy restaurants, don't spend on private jets, they watch EVERY PENNY and invest where they believe they can get the best RETURN.

Their investment in Maine is going to bring a 1st place finish.
Tennessee will proboly bring in a top 3 finish.
Several other states will bring in top three finishes as well.

Keep focused and your eye on the prize.

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Weres Ron Paul

Obama and Billary have their ads running here in Missouri, but no Ron Paul. I guess our vote does not count beings we are not in Iowa or NH. The billboards in St Louis was paid for by local supporters, who spent a lot of time and money for them.


1) WHO CARES about OBAMA and HILLARY. Paul is NOT competing with them in Missouri...
2) Missouri (for Republicans) is a Winner Take all state, so why spend money here if they can't Win.. A 2nd place finish means nothing.

I notice that there are NO Republican ads in Missouri, but tons of O & H ads. I saw 1 Mitt sign in KC tonight, but the wind was taking care of it. Saw a Rudy sign on Tuesday, but it was gone today (wished I had gotten it and repainted it for Dr. Paul)

Get out there and canvass, get supporters in Missouri who will get his message out as well. Let them know that they don't have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils anymore. If the grassroots can deliver Missouri for Dr. Paul then all the better.

This is a game of Chess and Dr. Paul is their intellectual superior with no debt in his campaign (I assume since I haven't seen his FEC filing yet) and cash in the bank. He is focusing on those states that he can win and the proportional states...Get enough to ensure no majority to any candidate at the convention and then the RP delegates can vote their conscience.

do some...

research on RP and your state...before you blow your mouth off..

RP is the only candidate with presence there...

look for it yourself...

I have heard radio ads

here in Middle Tennessee. I don't have television, so I don't know if any are on. The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville has ads running also.

The Paul Campaign hasn't put

The Paul Campaign hasn't put any resources in to New Jersey because it's a winner take all state and they didn't think they had a good chance of winning. It was a strategical move to put money in to states where they felt they had a better chance.

As far as what happens with the money, I'm not sure.

You'll see the expenditures when the latest filing is submitted which should be very soon. The last quarter ended 12/31/07 and it takes about one month before we see it.

You can look it up on www.opensecrets.org .

Hey speaking of

Hey speaking of http://www.opensecrets.org can someone please email them and ask nicely to update there info asap. I'd do it but i already got chewed out once.

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Haven't seen anything on how much has been spent.

I know he can take this money and use it in his congressional campaigns though, so there is accuracy in that question.

All over the radio in KC

Ive been hearing ads all over the radio in kc all day. Keep in mind 6 million raised in one day is alot but 6 million spread across 50 states is not. Romney and those guys spent millions in florida alone. Ads are not cheap not to mention paying his staff and travle, hotel and food expense and since RP doesnt have the media coverage its hard to get his name out there so we need to keep donating all we can to keep him going. When the money stops coming the whole movement stops

He has radio ads on in Ohio

Primary is not till march...he's not going anywhere

Mike Stahl

Mike Stahl